Estudio GMARQ (GOVETTO MANSILLA ARQUITECTOS) en tant que Architectes.

Muelles house is located at the end of a dead end and by one of the lagoons in the neighborhood, the orientation of this facade to the lagoon is north-northwest and 50 meters to the north, it connects with the main lagoon. The house lies on the south side of the land and forms an arched plan facing north looking for sunlight and also tangential views of the main lagoon. The program includes a guest suite that must have independence from the main volume but easy access to it. The ground floor is treated as a single public environment with a kitchen that is the absolute protagonist at the request of the owners. Said main environment extends to a wide gallery that includes the grill and due to its location it is surrounded by a park on three of its sides.
The upper floor has three bedrooms, with the main suite lying parallel to the lagoon, thus guaranteeing the best views of the surroundings. In the front facade, a garden terrace is projected with a large deck that works as a second gallery but with the advantage of perspective from above, achieving deeper views towards the horizon.
The materiality of the house is resolved with a ground floor of exposed concrete with phenolic formwork and the upper one with cladding.

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