Museum of Prison Pawiak in Warsaw.

Museum of Prison Pawiak in Warsaw.

24/26 Dzielna St., Warsaw, Poland | View Map
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Door handlesFormani
Internal CladdingCembrit Ltd
External illumination - FEMTOLINE 45 profileDelta Light
Femtoline 45
Internal/external railings - Pilkington T glassPilkington
Toughened Glass
Internal concrete cladding sealant - Sikagard sealantSika
Facade Cladding – Custom-made formlinersRECKLI Gmbh

Fiche technique du produit
Door handles
Internal Cladding
External illumination - FEMTOLINE 45 profile
Femtoline 45 by Delta Light
Internal/external railings - Pilkington T glass
Toughened Glass by Pilkington
Internal concrete cladding sealant - Sikagard sealant
by Sika
Facade Cladding – Custom-made formliners

Museum of Prison Pawiak in Warsaw

F A A B en tant que Architectes.

Extension of the existing museum, a vertical park accessible to the public together with pedestrian link between, simultaneously de-escalating traffic on the John Paul II Avenue. Recalling the historic layout and scale of the defunct prison complex as well its close surroundings including street layoutwith means of the landscape architecture.

The extension of the Museum of Prison Pawiak (MPP) and the vertical park will be consolidated into a pedestrian-friendly zone using a pedestrian crossing cutting across busy John Paul II Avenue. MPP will provide the visitors with unknown individual stories behind the names of prisoners. Visitors will be able to navigate through the names catalogue using the criterion of age, occupation, place of birth, thus individualizing the experience. The open vertical park, planned on the western side of John Paul II Avenue, will be a place of rest for Warsaw inhabitants. In the western, separated part of the structure, a permanent exhibition is planned, presenting those honored in the Warsaw Garden of Righteous (GARIWO network).

The form of the extension of the existing building is to affect the visitor, evoking various feelings and associations. The expressive massing of the building is the manifestation of good overcoming evil, also due to recalling the scale and form of historic male department exploded during WWII. The height of the planned extension and the roof pitch from Dzielna street side are in line with the non-existent historical buildings and create an echo of the demolished frontage of Dzielna Street. The building creates shadow zones, evoking the feeling of danger, including at the main entrance. The shadow also enhances the plasticity of the three-dimensional, deformed lower zone, illustrating pressure. A concept associated with political oppressive systems.  The second part of the complex, the vertical park, taking form as an open and light structure, will co-create the green area. The places where the buildings of the destroyed prison complex were located will be distinguished and highlighted.

Outside, the tour begins and ends symbolically between the fragment of the prison gate and the monument-tree.It is a faithful copy of an elm tree to which plates with names of prisoners were attached. Water gives way towards the main entrance, located at the elevated ground level. It is a reference to the experience of prisoners who entered the building also through the elevated entrance. Inside, the tour begins with a spacewhere the walls and ceiling are filled with names of 100000 people imprisoned in Pawiak during WWII. Some of them, stating "Name unknown" will be gradually exchanged as the data will be verified. In the southern wall there is a hole, located in the place of the door through which the arrested people were passing.  At the end of the tour, visitors will enter a space where the portraits of prisoners are displayed and the exposed, authentic remains of the historical buildings are exposed.

Material Used :

1. Reckli – Facade Cladding – Custom-made formliners

2. Königstahl - Facade windows-Jansen Janisol HI

3. Cembrit - Internal Cladding-Cembrit Multi Force

4. Bautech - Internal flooring-Bautop DST concrete flooring

5.Sika - Internal concrete cladding sealant-Sikagard sealant

6. Pilkington - Internal/external railings-Pilkington T glass

7. Erco - Internal illumination-Pantrac

8. Deltalight - External illumination-FEMTOLINE 45 profile

9. Formani - Door handles-FOLD

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