NAN - Office and Warehouse Remodel

NAN - Office and Warehouse Remodel

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Année du projet
Paul Vu


Domaen en tant que Architectes.

An 11,500 sq.ft. vacant warehouse was converted into contemporary office spaces for an established electronics company in Orange County, CA. With a limited budget and timeframe, Domaen Ltd. responded to the challenges with creative techniques. The opportunities within the open space allowed Domaen the flexibility to peel away at the typical office components and merge floor to furniture, to wall and ceiling for a fluid and integral design. The custom built furniture played a pivotal role in bridging the connections. The dark contrast and sharp angles link all the components together, combining form and functionality seamlessly. The lighting continues the theme, creating movement through the spaces and emphasizing the contrasting plays between light and dark. Offices encapsulated the perimeter, while open work spaces and common areas were centralized at the core, creating a hierarchy of spaces via placement and materiality. Colored glass and graphics aid in the overall aesthetic, creating a consistency that is a staple to Domaen design. The end product becomes minimal and industrial, edgy yet refined.

The cost per square foot, which included custom built furniture, was $87/sq.ft. The total project, from thought to fruition was 5 months.

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