Geoplast en tant que Foundation walls protection.

These uniquely shaped complex of residences in Portello estate in Milan cover the area of 51,000 m2. Residences are designed with varying heights from 6 to 13 floors, and resemble the forms in movement. 

The apartments have been conceived according to energy efficiency and sustainability criteria, placing the buildings in the A energy certification class, with the use of advanced heating and cooling systems, as well as the use of photovoltaic panels.

In construction of basement walls, our Defender panels were used because of their:

- Good drainage capacity,

- Ability to reduce moisture in basement walls by providing ventilation space,

- Resistance to the soil compression, while protecting the waterproofing of walls,

- Time-saving advantages, due to modularity, easy and fast mounting,

- Cost-saving advantages because additional gravel drainage isn’t necessary.

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Foundation walls protection
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Foundation walls protectionGeoplast
Fiche technique du produit
Foundation walls protection
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