Portsea Sleepout

Portsea Sleepout

Mitsuori Architects
Portsea, Australia
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This sleep out is located within the grounds of a family beach retreat in a secluded coastal setting. The brief called for a family guest house to acocmodate the owner’s children and grand children. Architecturally the new building was required to sit sympathetically within the native landscape whilst being architecturally distinct from the main house.

The design concept proposes a building that becomes a landscape wall element. A simple rectilinear form conceals living spaces, bedrooms and a roof deck set over 5 split levels. Weathered grey timber cladding, operable louvred screens and climbing vines create a textural backdrop to the existing tennis court and entry driveway.

The challenge of siting a new guest house on this property was heightened as sits position was strictly governed by the exsiting tennis court, vehicle access way, front and side setbacks. The building also needed to be well away from the main house and sit comfortably within the existing landscape. The available site area of approx 100 sqm needed to accomodate a communal family house comprising three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living area, storage room and roof deck. This project allowed us to explore how a new residential building may be added to existing sites without compromising the character of the existing building, quality of space, environment and relationship to existing building.

ARCHITECT’S STATEMENT This project was designed in close collaboration with our client, a commercial builder, to create a sympathetic, elegant and enduring free standing addition to their coastal property at Portsea. Our focus on acheiving well considered and practical spaces was combined with rigourous construction detailing and a commitment to acheiving the highest quality built outcome.

KEY FEATURES • The building appears as a single storey landscape element but incorporates residential spaces across 5 split levels. • Smart planning and configuration of spaces to create family accomodation within a site area of approx. 100 sqm. • Use of natural and sustainable materials and finishes. This includes Accoya acetylated timber cladding/windows and natural zinc. • The project incorporates ESD features including design for cross ventilation, automated external louvres, submereged concrete bedroom areas and green wall.

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