Residential Loft
James Leynse

Residential Loft

The Galante Architecture Studio en tant que Architectes.

The goal of this project was to divide the space into a definitive function, yet retain the feeling of an open plan loft. A series of “L” shaped bars were inserted to organize the space. Visual unity is maintained by reducing form and color to bare essentials, and breaking this mold only when required by program. Continuous light maple built in cabinets provide a constant rhythm throughout the loft. Darker idiosyncratic cabinets are inserted into this baseline to provide definition. Each dark walnut cabinet specifies a place. For example, where the buffet is located, the dining room is established. This structure allows ample storage for life’s daily elements, yet provides clarity for the specific items that define a room’s function. The result is a series of planned, light filled spaces, which maintain all the ambiguity of a loft, yet are focused with localized specificity.


Material Used:

1.  Praline on Walnut stain & Maple cabinets

2.  Grass Hinges

3.  WAC lighting

4.  Rock of Ages Granite

5.  Magma Metal works (stainless steel)

6.  aero lift media cabinet hardware

7.  Pablo floor lamps

8.  Anna Chairs

9.  Corbusier Table

10. Death Wish Piano Movers

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FabricantsPablo Designs
FabricantsLoll Designs
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