The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan by Simone Micheli

The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan by Simone Micheli

Viareggio, Province of Lucca, Italy | View Map
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Juergen Eheim

The Freddie sofa bed furnishes the iconic apartment “The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan” by Simone Micheli

Milano Bedding en tant que Sofa bed.

Freddie is the new sofa and armchair bed, presented at Supersalone, born from the collaboration between Milano Bedding and the architect Simone Micheli, designed to highlight the quality, comfort and Italian craftsmanship of which the company is the spokesperson.

A combination of design and skills, functionality and elegance that makes the sofa bed the hero of the living room, as in “The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan” by Simone Micheli project.

photo_credit Juergen Eheim
Juergen Eheim

The apartment, located in front of the sea along the historic promenade of Viareggio, redefines the concept of contemporary luxury, to give shape to a fluid space created through smart design methods that highlight the importance of Italian industry, just like Milano Bedding.

A refined and efficient place, expression of the contemporary living module aimed at welcoming and hospitality.

In this bright, enveloping and full Simone Micheli mood, the Freddie sofa bed, in white fabric, fits harmoniously into the living room thanks to the soft geometries, the light, slim and soft design, transforming the heart of the home into a multitasking space, where style and functionality coexist and complement each other.

photo_credit Juergen Eheim
Juergen Eheim


As Simone Micheli says: “Fluidity, essentiality, harmony feature Freddie's sense of content and expression. A sofa bed that seems not to be. This iconic design element represents a perfect synthesis of my design creed: transforming the complexity of our time into simplicity ".

Milano Bedding, for 25 years, has been offering concrete solutions to specific needs, produced in Desio, in the heart of Brianza. Over time, the collaboration with architects and interior designers has become increasingly close to collaborate on innovative and unique projects, just like “The Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan” by Simone Micheli.

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