The Well Villa

The Well Villa

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The Well Villa

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Outlining PGA Catalunya Resorts privileged position of being located an hour from Barcelona, less than an hour from France and 15 minutes from Girona has enabled the Resort to see a surge in demand as it leads the way in next generation “wellbeing / wellness” initiatives, architecture and property design reflecting the trend we want to live accelerated by the current situation with Covid-19. 


These are some of the conclusions outlined by David Plana, CEO of PGA Catalunya Resort  during the webinar “The real estate developments leading the way in next generation “wellness” architecture and property design post Covid-19”, which also featured representatives from Greece’s AMANZOE and Porto Montenegro, please click here to watch the full webinar.


“The appeal of PGA Catalunya Resort being set in such expansive surroundings has led to us to experience a large increase in interest across the board as open spaces are now more than ever of paramount importance and the benefits of the surrounding nature, outdoor experiences, wellness and sports facilities bring.  One of our main priorities now is offering exceptional experiences that always focus on physical and mental health as the core of our philosophy, as well as concepts of personal fulfilment, of course in golf, leisure, and also in Real Estate developments from our approach to building our low density resort”, affirms David Plana.


During the webinar, Plana presented the Resorts latest offering of the WELL Villa concept, a new Villa expertly designed to provide the homeowner with a true holistic living experience, with all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing at front of mind. The WELL Villa will include pioneering technology focused on seven key concepts: mind, air, water, nutrition, light, exercise and comfort. The first phase of the construction will include a detailed Geobiological Study to ensure the two main objectives of the home are reached – ensuring there is no artificial radiations in the area surrounding the villa, and placing the house in an optimal enclave, avoiding natural radiations, as underground water currents or points where lines of the earth’s magnetisms coincide, avoiding the associated health problems.


This project is the result of our global view on the PGA Development which since its conception, it has been thought with an extremely low density resort (2 houses per hectare), without physical boundaries between plots and the landscape, houses designed in a respectful way with the topography and a contemporary Architecture with large openings connecting the users with the landscape. Key technical details for each of these seven concepts:


  1. Mind:
  • Photo catalytic Paint: To encourage air purification
  • Air Quality Monitor: Measuring indoor air quality (at least every hour) to assess particle count, Carbon dioxide and Ozone giving a visual verification to provide an immediate reminder of a healthy environment, promoting peace of mind and wellbeing
  • Sound Barriers: Impact reducing flooring, exterior noirs intrusion and internally generated noise  

  1. Air:
  • Ventilation Filter: Preventing the entry of outside airborne particles including pollen and pollution
  • Photo catalytic Filter: Helping purify the air. Photo catalysis, a process similar to photosynthesis, eliminates odours and VOCs, a matter harmful to health which are found in many materials and cleaning products
  • Advanced Air Purification: Carbon Filtration & Air Sanitization (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, photo catalytic oxidation)
  • Antimicrobial Activity for Surfaces (High-touch surfaces)


  1. Water:
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter: Filter for drinking water which contains three filters: sediment filter, activated carbon filter and membrane filter. Guarantees drinking water without odours or flavours, with very low mineralization
  • Water Softener: Reducing the hardness of water and the concentration of mineral compounds such as magnesium and calcium salts


  1. Nutrition:
  • Antimicrobial Kitchen Countertop: Pioneering counter that does not allow the development of bacteria (bacteriostatic) and eliminates bacteria before it can form (bactericidal)
  • Natural Surroundings: Owners can join group nature walks led by the resident expert biologist, as well as attend lessons in horticulture in the Resort’s organic vegetable garden. PGA Catalunya Resort has also adopted one million bees to deliver their own local honey


  1. Light:
  • Ultraviolet Lamps: Preventing mould in the ventilation system 
  • Night Lights: Low intensity lights, activated automatically when detecting movement – meaning owners do not wake completely if moving around in the night – ensuring the circadian cycle (24-hour internal clock) is not altered


  1. Exercise:
  • Physical activity places
  • Healthy, active lifestyle: PGA Catalunya Resort encourages owners and guests to enjoy the Resort’s beautiful surroundings - from cycling, hiking or walking, to fishing, horse riding, or a round of golf at the two championship layouts, the Stadium Course and the Tour Course


  1. Comfort:
  • ‘Wake Time’ System: Allowing the lighting to be managed to imitate the sunrise
  • Environmental Measures Display: real-time display of indoor environmental parameters (temperature, Humidity, Cardon Dioxide Concentration)


PGA Catalunya Resort is the first Resort in Europe to develop a project of this nature designed by the architect Fran Silvestre with the Espacious Evalore SLP’s WELL system being applied to an individual villa for the first time. Evalore’s mission is to design, build and adapt spaces to improve health, wellbeing and vital energy, with minimal impact on the planet.


We committed early on to the importance of the wellbeing of our residents and guests and are dedicated to ensuring this throughout every aspect of the resort. Never has it been more important to look after our own wellbeing than it is today, and we are delighted to be illustrating our commitment through further integral design projects. From waking up in the morning in an exquisitely designed wellness villa, the food we prepare and serve to the world use of the world leading golf courses and the extensive facilities available at the soon to be launched wellness centre and the creation of a unique lake. All facilities and services provided always focus on enhancing our guest’s wellbeing and experiences” comments David Plana.


Since the resorts opening in 1999 and the Real Estate development launch in 2011, PGA Catalunya Resort has been committed to developing a low density sustainable resort where the focus of the development incorporates smart architectural design which reflects and preserves the natural habitat while ensuring the resorts principles of wellbeing are incorporated in every aspect of this luxury offering. PGA Catalunya has collected the IAGTO Sustainability Award for Nature Protection 2020. It recognises excellence in environmental and social responsibility and with more than 500 hectares and just 290 houses built, it is a low-density destination where enjoying natural surroundings and open spaces coupled with the resort continually expanding its wide range of sustainable initiatives, including an organic fruit and vegetable kitchen garden, looked after by a resident biologist, resident honey bees and on-site vineyard.


Concluding an unprecedented increase in enquiries has been seen from people looking to move out of cities in Spain and  from further afield to seek out a healthier, safer and less crowded lifestyle coupled with remote working post-Covid. Illustrating a clear surge in interest for seeking out options to move outside of European urban areas to buy residencies that provide open and safe spaces, are sustainability focused and allow them to reconnect with nature, such as the surrounding mountains and beaches while continuing to work proactively and even educate children to world leading standards. All of which PGA Catalunya Resort is ideally positioned for.

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