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Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk
Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk
Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk
Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk
Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk

Projet • By Mei architects and plannersPlans directeurs

Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk

Mei architects and planners developed a grand innovative plan to transform the site of the former Silk Factory in Naro-Fominsk, a city two hours driving from Moscow, into a lively area. The program of 50.000 m2 is mixed-use, a novelty in Russia, and will turn the abandoned industrial site into a vibrant small city full of new energy. Loft-style apartments in the characteristic old factory buildings will be combined with a mixture of shopping, culinary, cultural and sport facilities for the families of Naro-Fominsk and visitors from the Moscow region. With this unique and promising plan, commissioned by the Ostov Group who already developed many successful projects in Naro-Fominsk, the Silk Factory complex will become the new historical city... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mei architects and plannersPlans directeurs

Kabeldistrict Delft

The Delft Kabeldistrict (cable district) is a distinctive contemporary urban expansion in which a business park is being transformed on a large scale into a vibrant living and working environment. The Kabeldistrict builds on existing qualities, activity and the industrial past of the existing large Cable Factory. The visible fusion of old and new creates its own identity that contributes to a strong cohesion and connection between future entrepreneurs and residents. With a high degree of circularity and a layered integration of greenery and water, Delft is at the forefront of productive and sustainable area development. The Delft Kabeldistrict is the start of new developments on the Schieoevers in Delft. The municipality has the ambition t... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mei architects and plannersAppartements


One of the last remaining 1930s indoor swimming pools in The Netherlands, the Spaardersbad, is located in Gouda. The pool owes its name (literally translated ‘Saving pool’) to the inhabitants of Gouda who collectively saved money during the crisis period (1933) to realize an indoor swimming pool. It is a unique building, created, preserved, and cherished with enthusiasm and cooperation. As one of the most visited swimming pools in the Netherlands in the last century, this pool retains personal memories of many generations of Gouda inhabitants. The transformation from swimming pool to residential building with six unique loft homes, is based on the beauty of the original design and the rich history of the building. The swimming p... En savoir plus

Projet • By SYNECDOCHEBureaux


In the midst of an office culture paradigm shift, Bamboo’s second location offers open coworking, private offices, amenity, and event spaces addressing the flux of workspace needs in new hybrid models. The adaptive reuse project converts a historic furniture store into a new community hub.  The design process began with a design decision guide. These parameters translate the business model and customer to the built environment.  Take a Break - Create pockets that are not reservable near workstations, enabling everyone to have flexibility with their work-flow without traversing the entire building.Connections - Common spaces should be adjacent to primary circulation providing more distance between heavy traffic areas and fo... En savoir plus

Projet • By HEDBureaux

AbelsonTaylor Corporate Headquarters Relocation

AbelsonTaylor, among the world’s most renowned health and wellness advertising agencies and a prior client, reached out to HED to design their new space in Chicago's historic Old Post Office. The goals included activating the space into one that would energize creativity and attract top talent, create a space that is vibrant, connected, and inspires a greater sense of collaboration, as well as exposing the creative process to those moving through the space. Just as the alleys throughout Chicago serve as a network to support and link the city, HED designed Collaboration Alley to serve as a connection between the split levels of the 85,000 sf office space. The flexible space supports the agency's creative process and fosters a behind-t... En savoir plus

Projet • By Damith Premathilake ArchitectsMaisons privées

Holiday Home at Diyathalawa

Située dans la zone sèche de l'arrière-pays du Sri Lanka, à environ deux kilomètres de l'école militaire de Diyathalawa, cette maison confortable a été conçue par l'architecte DamithPremathilake. Perchée au milieu d'une forêt de pins sur une falaise, la maison est un refuge idéal pour la détente et la contemplation dans un climat dont la température est d'environ 20℃ (68℉) tout au long de l'année.   La structure de cette maison est le résultat d'un processus de réflexion qui a modifié et converti la simple cabane de gardien existante. La caractéristique marquante du processus est la réutilisation... En savoir plus

Projet • By Olson KundigMusées

ANOHA - The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum

Through the imaginative exhibits within ANOHA—The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin, the museum gives their youngest guests a sense of hope and possibility. Located within an existing former flower market hall, the heart of ANOHA is a circular wooden ark, standing almost 23 feet (7 meters) tall with a 92-foot (28-meter) base diameter. The curvilinear ark complements the curved ribs of the Brutalist light scoops overhead, while the shift in materiality from concrete to wood offers a softening counterpoint to the existing space.   ANOHA is populated by more than 150 sculptural animals, each created from found objects by a team of 18 Berlin artists. This approach encourages children to consider the importance of r... En savoir plus

Projet • By CO-APMaisons privées

Annandale House

The project consists of alterations and additions to an existing inner-city two-storey Victorian terrace house built on an exceptionally long and narrow site (ratio 1:8.5). The client's brief was to design a new fourbedroom residence by refurbishing the original two-storey terrace and demolishing a shamble of fibro and corrugated metal clad lean-tos, and an enormous metal shed which was formerly used as Christmas decorations factory. The site is closely bounded by residential units to the south-west and the Piano Factory warehouse apartment conversion to the north. The west and east offer framed views to established trees and green streetscape respectively.   Taking these issues into consideration, the new additions attach to the rea... En savoir plus

Projet • By Weinstein A+UBureaux

Ainsworth & Dunn Building

A mixed-use residential building and an adaptive re-use of a historic structure, the Ainsworth and Dunn project, at the north end of the Seattle waterfront along the railroad tracks, captures the spirit of this moment in Seattle history.   The rehabilitation of the historic two-story warehouse modernized the building for commercial and office use and added a modest, sleek addition at the roof level. Seismic interventions were carefully woven through the landmarked heavy timber structure.   A new six-story structure adjacent to the historic building adds 61 large residential units and ground floor commercial space. Modern masonry cladding wraps the building on three sides while the taller mass is set back and clad in curtainwal... En savoir plus

Projet • By Islyn StudioMagasins

Sawmill Market

Sawmill Market est une interprétation moderne d'un Nouveau Mexique méconnu - un lieu synonyme de couchers de soleil rose électrique, de crânes de vache blancs blanchis, de pins et de paysages de l'autre monde immortalisés par Georgia O'Keeffe et D.H. Lawrence. Avec le propriétaire Jim Long (Heritage Hotels and Resorts) et les développeurs de concepts F&B Lauren et Jason Greene (The Grove Cafe), Islyn Studio a puisé directement dans le riche patrimoine culturel du pays des merveilles pour créer Sawmill Market, un hall de restauration, un laboratoire culinaire et un hommage à l'imagination culturelle du Nouveau-Mexique. Read McKendree Transformé d'un entrep&... En savoir plus

Projet • By Salon Alper DerinbogazBureaux

Fitaş Passage Adaptive Re-use (Phase 1)

Le projet de réutilisation adaptative de AlperDerinboğaz redonne vie à l'un des bâtiments d'arcade originaux de la rue Istiklal, le Fitaş Passage. Le bâtiment existant du milieu des années 60 occupe une place importante dans la mémoire collective en raison des activités culturelles qu'il a accueillies au fil du temps. En rendant hommage à cette mémoire tout en revitalisant la relation du bâtiment avec le public, la première phase livre la nouvelle façade sur la rue Istiklal.   Axe piétonnier animé au cœur d'Istanbul, la rue Istiklal a été le témoin de nombreux changements dans le tissu urbain au fil des ans. L'un... En savoir plus

Projet • By JPE Design StudioBureaux

Allied Health Building

As one of the very first existing buildings on the Former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to be re-purposed, the Allied Health Building sets the tone for Lot Fourteen’s co-working ‘eco-system’. Originally a working hospital ward, this new agile workplace provided a prime opportunity to showcase the adaptive re-use of the city’s existing building stock, breathing new life into this vital part of the city of Adelaide.   The guiding principles for this project were to align with and amplify the Strategic Vision for the Lot Fourteen site and set the tone for future developments. Acting as a focal point for the start-up community, the Allied Health Building offers a unique and diverse workplace that sparks innovation... En savoir plus

Projet • By arctitudesignMaisons privées


Design Statement ARCTITUDESIGNhave completed the design for a 148 square meter apartment nestled on a Westernmost hill - Mount Davis, Hong Kong. Design concept was inspired by its extraordinary and unique location, surrounded by greenery hill with an excellent sunset viewing.   ARCTITUDESIGN is a multi-disciplinary practice with extensive experience interior design that brings together the skills of contemporary architectural design, environmental friendly, adaptive re-use, and strategic planning. We encourage that quality items always able to be re-use and adaptively in different environment.   With a design brief to minimize clutter and maximize space, this Northern Europe’s greenery hill lodge apartment also pay... En savoir plus

Projet • By lahznimmo architectsBureaux

HMAS Platypus

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust with lahznimmo architects and ASPECT Studios is working to revitalise HMAS Platypus in North Sydney, the former submarine base for the Royal Australian Navy. The project will incorporate new urban parkland and the adaptive re-use of buildings to create commercial and public spaces. New access and site links will knit the site into the surrounding context for the first time; allowing pedestrian access into and across the site, and a new over water pedestrian link will provide access to Kesterton Park and High St Ferry Wharf.   We are honoured to be involved in this landmark project and the creation of a new public space for the community to enjoy, with the site having previously been closed to the publi... En savoir plus

Projet • By FIERRORestaurants

Butcher & Sons

Butcher & Sons is a space to enjoy the food, the tropicalism, the pure geometry and the Miami weather. An adaptive re-use project using a combination of concrete block, concrete, glass and steel - a series of old and new volumes in the industrial neighborhood of Wynwood to house a restaurant program. The main interest in this project was to have a precise geometry, a marriage between the existing industrial volumes and the new addition to produce a clearly legible project with limited gestures and the search for a timeless architecture in both material and spatial solutions. A total of 3,000 sqft of clean volumes wrap around the once parking-lot transformed into inner garden where the outdoors seating is located. This green oasis in Wyn... En savoir plus