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NouvellesNouvelles • 27 juin 2021

Nuestro sueño by Espacio18 celebrates the culture and lifestyle of Oaxaca

On a 300m2 site at the city limits in Oaxaca, Espacio 18 has created a dream home for a retired American couple that reflects Mexican culture and ways of living that drew the pair to the region. Onnis Luque Called ‘Nuestro sueño’ the home is a clay box that contains coherent concrete structures based on 60 cm modules, which mark and distribute the program of the house. Onnis Luque At the centre of the home is a kitchen and central patio, a typology like that of an old colonial Oaxacan house. Adding a modern touch, folding steel bay windows transform the space and blur barriers between inside and outside, allowing for flexible rooms. Onnis Luque The house is designed to be adaptable and flexible, a place... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 11 juin 2021

An old industrial building becomes light-filled headquarters for internationally successful 78 Seventy Eight

In Zaragoza, Spain, an old industrial building has been transformed by Tangram Arquitectura + Diseno into a new office and warehouse space for internationally successful company 78 Seventy Eight. Iñaki Bergera Immersed in an industrial environment, the refurbishment is characterized by a versatile interior space thanks to a series of metal trusses integrated into a sawtooth roof with skylights that bathe the interior with natural light.  Sober finishes and large outdoor space are further defining features. Iñaki Bergera The incorporation of exterior space into the project was made possible by converting the old parking lot into a natural barrier, thus transforming a somewhat hostile environment into a more hum... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 11 mai 2021

Villa E by C.F. Møller Architects references iconic Aarhus University project

Located in the Danish district of northern Aarhus, the concept, materials and level of detail of Villa E are inspired by the iconic Aarhus University, also designed by C.F. Møller Architects. References to the university can be seen in the villa’s basic composition of four simple saddle roof houses, which together form the frame of the family home.  C.F. Møller Architects / Julian Weyer The material expression of the villa is carried by three primary materials: brick, oak and natural stone. Rustic hand-painted bricks in shades of red are used for the façade and roof tiles. Alongside this, natural stone is applied to the stairs and inner core. Oak features both inside and outside. On the exterior, oa... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 10 mai 2021

Hochschule Hannover subtly reinterprets its campus context

Compact and finely articulated, the new student centre building for the Hochschule Hannover’s University of Applied Sciences blends with the overall ensemble of its surrounding university fabric. Designed by Schulz und Schulz Architects, the design picks up on the materials and design features of the neighbouring buildings, reinterpreting them into a striking entry to the campus. Gustav Willeit The building comprises a publicly accessible ground floor with two office floors for administration and student workrooms above. The foyer and main event hall merge seamlessly with the entrance to the campus. Gustav Willeit The ground floor accommodates uses such as a copy/paper shop, seminar rooms, a student conference room, cloakr... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 4 mai 2021

Double Brick House takes a sculptural approach to a narrow site

In a residential neighbourhood of Ljublijana, Slovenia, the Double Brick House by Arhitektura d.o.o. is situated on a long and narrow plot of land between older adjacent residential houses. The new building contains two units, each housing a family of five, and replaces a delipidated residential building. Miran Kambič Measuring only 6m wide and 30 in length, the unusually narrow plot dictated the overall form and layout of the building. The two units are identical in program, measuring 170 m2 each. The units are positioned one behind the other with a common parking area at the front of the building and facing the access street. Miran Kambič The exterior of the building is a monolithic, materially uniform cube, sculpturally modif... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 19 avr. 2021

11-19 Jane Street by David Chipperfield offers a fresh take on the New York townhouse

11-19 Jane Street by David Chipperfield Architects is a new apartment building in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of New York. Featuring a façade of brick and coloured concrete, the building offers a fresh take on the typical traditional townhouse found in the area. James Ewing / JBSA A total of six storeys, the building replaces a parking garage dating back to the 1920s and includes basement parking, duplex townhouses, lateral apartments and a penthouse with a roof garden. The overall form is broken down with a distinct articulation of base, middle and crown. James Ewing / JBSA The building is primarily clad with traditional Roman bricks. At ground level, the apartment introduces a bold and contemporary contrast with... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 16 avr. 2021

Nithurst Farm navigates between ancient and contemporary with its form and materiality

Shortlisted for RIBA House of the Year in 2019, Nithurst Farm is a new-build family house for the founding director of Adam Richards Architects. Located in the fields of South Downs National Park (UK), the house navigates between ancient and contemporary with its form and materiality. Brotherton Lock Wrapped in a thick brick exterior, the building incorporates arched brick window openings along its elevations that lend a sense of rhythm. This sense of motion is enhanced by the form of the house, which ascends in a stepped motion as it rises from a single storey entrance to a three-storey tower form. Blackened bricks along one window edge are inserted to emphasize the overall sense of motion. Behind the brick, structural concrete wall... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 10 févr. 2021

Helsinki’s Urban Environment House balances modern with archaic

Modern and archaic at the same time, the Urban Environment House for the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki combines new building technology with references to the history of architecture. The design by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects is located in an area that was once occupied by a harbour and sawmill industry but is now one of the most important growth areas of the city. Marc Goodwin Providing a new home for city planning officials, the building strives to demonstrate the high standards of the City’s building and urban planning disciplines. The building is also designed to invite citizens to utilize city services and participate in civic activities. The main facades of the building open to the middle... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 17 nov. 2020

BRICKS pays homage to site-specific industrial and architectural legacy in Berlin

BRICKS in Berlin Schöneberg revitalizes and converts an historic communications complex into a vibrant mini-village encompassing new commercial, university, gastronomic and residential functions.  Located on the Hauptstrasse, the project was managed and realized by globally renowned GRAFT architecture and design firm.  The original site formerly housed the post office and other telecommunications functions and comprises a series of buildings dividing the area into several inner courtyards, covering 11,700 sq.m. As part of the revitalization, two new building volumes were added to expand the complex across a 32.000 sq. m area.  Credit: © Bttr GmbH The original post office buildings are protected as historical m... En savoir plus

Produit • By General ShaleWatsontown Brick

Watsontown Brick

Since 1908, Watsontown Brick has serviced architectural, commercial, and residential customers by manufacturing what they require. Whether it’s custom colors, sizes, or shapes, our three modern plants can produce the highest quality brick available today.  Watsontown offers distinct brick types, each made in a dedicated facility. The red, buff, and molded brick each have their own firing characteristics and Watsontown Brick has built plants specifically for them; this results in a more reliable and consistent product for the customer. Shapes for any brick are custom made for any job, or the customer can pick from a wide selection of standard shapes.  Watsontown Brick's new plants reflect the latest in industry technology.... En savoir plus

Projet • By Pollard ArchitectsÉcoles primaires

Stansbury Park Elementary School

An elementary school for a new subdivision called Stansbury Park, called for a large program to be executed under a tight budget. The program called for a windowless school and impervious materials for the cold weather and winds which prevail in an area by Tooele, Utah, close to the Great Salt Lake. Kenneth Lambert and Kenneth Pollard created a wood structure with brick veneer. The entire corridor throughout had skylights to provide the students with sunlight and time of day passage. Exterior doors of the classrooms had glass for sunlight and views. The importance of scale and materials play an critical part in this project. This project was preformed under the firm Scott , Louie and Browning Architects. En savoir plus

Projet • By CumulusAppartements

BC13 Residential

CREDITSArchitecture: CUMULUS, Eliza Yokina, Adrian Soare, Simina Ignat, Diana Iordache, Anca Ionescu, Cosmin Anghelache Area: 3200 sqmLocation: Badea Cartan Street nr.13, 2nd county, Bucharest, RomaniaStatus: ongoing 2018-2020 We imagined the community life of this building centered around two urban, yet private courtyards. BC 13 unfolds around these two defining spaces, ensuring organic connections to its neighboring buildings. The brick paved and planted courtyards offer opportunities of interaction. Both access staircases as well as all the apartments benefit from a visual link with these courtyards, provided by large loggias and sill-less windows. There are two iconic finishes that define this construction namely the brick cladding and... En savoir plus

Projet • By OB Architecture LtdMaisons privées

The Beaconsfield House

A three-storey chalet-style family home in Beaconsfield featuring- Iroko timber louvres,- Grey aluminium fascias,- Composite decking,- Dark grey aluminium framed windows and- Frameless glass balustrades. En savoir plus

Projet • By Mirck ArchitectureLogement

double house - ypenburg

A young family bought a piece of land to build the house of their dreams. The plot is located in a new quarter of The Hague called Ypenburg. This particular area gives the opportunity to build any house you like, but... there are a few urban restrictions. One of these restrictions is the shape of the roof, and another one is the use of brickwork and/or wood in the facade. The client had a vision of a house with a house for the two parents and a house for their two children. This idea transformed in the "single family double house" where the parents` house and the children`s house greet each other in a unique space in between. The space is fully glazed and bounded by the two archetype houses. At the ground floor the space is unified with... En savoir plus