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Projet • By Steimle ArchitektenCentre de Visiteurs

Bernau Trade Union School Visitor Centre

In summer 2017, the Bauhaus Monument “Bundesschule Bernau” was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In order to meet the growing public interest in the building ensemble built by Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer and the associated increase in visitor numbers, the new visitor centre was realised. As an innovative and identity-creating building, the new visitor centre should on the one hand be subordinate to the monument ensemble, but on the other hand also assert itself as a high-quality urban architectural structure. Brigida González It forms the prelude to an appropriate experience of the World Heritage Site and introduces visitors to the theme of this special place. Integrated into the lands... En savoir plus

Projet • By AnonymMaisons privées

Sailom House

Sailom house is a four-story home that accommodates members from three families. Anonym designs the inside to look and feel like a service apartment with functional spaces that each family member can use freely and separately on each floor. The first floor consists of common areas such as the living room and kitchen, while the upper floors house bedrooms, more living areas and small pantries. Every story is linked together via two internal courtyards that open up into the void running from the ground to the fourth floor. Ketsiree Wongwan Ketsiree Wongwan The first court is an outdoor space with a climbing wall, a requirement from the owner who climbs as a hobby. The remaining court hosts a walkway for each floor, designed to over... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 15 avr. 2022

800 Fulton embodies SOM’s legacy of structurally expressive architecture

The 19-story mixed use building is defined by external steel brace frames. The x-braced facade marks the entrance along the west elevation. They are engineered by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, with Chicago’s harsh winters in mind, to withstand 9 inches of thermal movement and resist heavy wind loads. Dave Burk The building sits in a transition zone between the low-scale Fulton Market Street and the higher-density commercial district. The volume bridges the two different scales by rising from a 3-story podium in stepped terraces towards the commercial towers. Dave Burk A series of setbacks form landscaped terraces with native plants and trees on every other floor. On the 18th and 19th floor workers can enjoy panoramic cit... En savoir plus

Projet • By Haki ZamirMaisons privées

Inspired by an industrial loft

This house was designed for a couple in their 50s, entrepreneurs and business people, with an eye and a love for style. The design includes a space for their teenage daughter and guest rooms for their adult children, who come to visit with their families. Lior Teitler Inspired by an industrial loftThe architectural planning drew its inspiration from industrial loft spaces, as expressed in the choice of materials – exposed concrete, wood and glass, a vaulted space, and special emphasis on Cochav’s minimalist aluminum profile systems around the large windows, for a maximum view of the landscape outside and for taking full advantage of the natural light. Lior Teitler The two floors of the house are connected by an expos... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 3 févr. 2022

House Taurus makes the most of Sydney Harbour connections

On a site that is both idyllic and constrained in size, House Taurus by Durbash Block Jagger and Richard Stanisich is a combination of villa and infrastructure, both introverted and open, with views both generous and focused. Brett Boardman Sitting directly adjacent to Sydney Harbour and private beach, the site is marked by a dramatic change in level from street to the lowest level, through a narrow panel, and exaggerated slot harbour views. Overlooking the site to the north is an oversized building that blocks the sun. The neighbouring buildings to the east are also substantially higher and overlook the rear of the site. Brett Boardman The optimal response to these conditions required a clever and unconventional design response... En savoir plus

Projet • By Luciano Lerner BassoMaisons privées

Casa Fortunata

FORTUNATA, adj. fem. de la langue italienne : celui qui a été touché par la chance. Une maison construite autour d'un arbre, où la raison est l'instrument principal dans la recherche de l'esprit de la vie. Manuel Sá Située à l'extrême sud du Brésil, la maison Fortunata est un projet qui met en évidence les activités essentielles de l'architecture : la lecture attentive des conditions environnementales ; la détermination précise des processus de construction ; la résolution correcte du programme des besoins ; et l'harmonie des formes construites. Manuel Sá Construite dans un quartier traditionnel et ouvert, la maison a é... En savoir plus

Projet • By FANAFMagasins

Guomangyuan 20

The project is located on the east side of the 20 # building of the national leader in Nanjing Qinhuai District, which was originally a machine processing workshop of the second machine tool factory, built in the 1980s. The overall structure of the 20 # floor is divided into two parts: the east side is the three-layer brick-concrete structure, and the west side is a single-layer arrangement structure of reinforced concrete. Originally the east side hall is an entry into the entire workshop, a huge iron gate still remains. In 2012, the finch building was transformed into office features, and the east side hall became the entrance space of the property office. Reconstruction requires a transformation of the hall to commercial, as a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Estudio PKMaisons privées

Casa E

Located in the Isla del Sol neighborhood in the Tigre district, Casa E is implanted and coexists with the local regulations. When designing the project we were faced with a corner lot, with an atypical typology within the implantations that are normally worked in the studio. Caption Caption Caption We decided on a design based on an L-shaped bar located in contrast to the corner, which instead of having the shape of the same, configures two gardens, one internal side that surrounds the bar and another outside. Both patios take the best orientations of the terrain and generate that the common use spaces are surrounded by vegetation. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption The house is... En savoir plus

Projet • By cht architectsMaisons privées

OS House

At CHT Architects, we love applying our learnings in the commercial space to single-dwelling residential homes. Our recently completed residential redevelopment, OS House, in Travancore, Australia, is one such example. Oliver Lagasca Building on the elements of an existing home, sited within expansive parkland gardens, OS House now projects a striking, mid-Century-inspired minimalist façade, soaring ceiling heights and expansive spaces, defined by stunning natural surfaces and vast angular lines. Oliver Lagasca With floor-to-ceiling windows creating a seamless connection to the botanical outside environment, this five-bedroom, five-bathroom home envelops the occupants in a continuous flow through bold elements of concrete... En savoir plus

Projet • By A.J ArchitectsLogement des étudiants

Blend with Nature -Hostel

Bangalore being an educational hub, the organization “JITO”, Bangalore envisaged a modern approach hostel, for the girl students, in heart of city, with all necessary amenities, security and safety measures to provide comfortable living at affordable price. The hostel was proposed as a linear solid built mass as the hostel is located in densely populated, Central business district of Bangalore. The design team visualised to create a socially active and environmentally sustainable space. The design team planned for timeless, eco-friendly and sustainable architecture with brutalist style. Caption The key factor in the design process was to enhance student interaction, within the indoor spaces that percolates outward and inte... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 22 oct. 2021

I.s.m.architecten breaks with adjacent Flemish village row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape

In a Belgian village, close to Antwerp, i.s.m.architecten intentionally broke with the adjacent row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape with its sharp edge to the street. This reduced the point of contact with the street to a bare minimum.  luis díaz díaz The angular shape gives the side wedges of the volume a distinct character. A concrete wall encloses an introverted patio next to the front entrance. One side opens to the patio and the other opens towards the surrounding landscape. luis díaz díaz The pentagonal floor plan is shaped like the icon for a house. A solitary concrete column and conversation pit organize the open plan. An open concrete staircase connects towards the upper level of... En savoir plus

Projet • By XRANGE ArchitectsHôtels

Wandering Walls

On an ocean front mountain top, between tall grasses and acacia forests, walls meander in and out of the wild and wind swept landscape to create an 8 room retreat. Rugged, curvaceous concrete walls define the boundaries between architecture and landscape, wandering inside and outside to create public and private spaces. The retreat is thus named Wandering Walls, a building where the walls truly wander throughout.   Lorenzo Pierucci Lorenzo Pierucci Kuo-Min Lee Respecting that acacia trees do not survive migration or disturbance to their root systems, the building hugs the edge of a native crop of acacia trees to gently curve out towards the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Derack Space + DesignMaisons privées


A minimal exterior to stand out in its macro-context. The facade is sculpted with gaped triangular tesselation and slanted steel members used as shading devices to get absorb partial sunlight.  En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 17 août 2021

Housing in Sakuragicho by Soeda Architecture Atelier responds to a challenging site condition with strategic apartment design

Comprising twenty apartment units and a small office, the Housing in Sakuragicho project by Soeda Architecture Atelier is located alongside a winding highway in hilly terrain.   Takumi Ota With a cliff supported by an existing 6-meter high concrete retaining wall and a lush sacred shrine forest behind, the site initially appeared to the architects as a narrow and dark leftover space. Potential however was found in the existing site condition by incorporating the retaining wall into the design and taking best advantage of the shrine forest by developing a series of apartment layouts that take advantage of their prospect.  Takumi Ota Soeda Architecture Atelier developed a plan of apartment unit clusters along the wide fr... En savoir plus

Projet • By NOA StudioMaisons privées

House in Tskneti

Cette maison contemporaine, construite avec un seul matériau, le béton, est l'une des premières de ce type dans la région et crée un précédent pour les autres. Située dans le paysage en pente d'un quartier très peuplé de Tbilissi Hills, la maison est surélevée par rapport au niveau de la rue, étant invisible pour les environs et ouverte sur la vue des montagnes du Caucase.   Le principal défi de ce projet était de développer une maison privée sur une parcelle de terrain avec une grande pente et des environs très densément peuplés.  L'objectif était de protéger visuellement la m... En savoir plus