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Projet • By Firestone Building Products EMEAHôtels

Terhills Resort by Center Parcs

Located in the North of Belgium near the borders of the Netherlands and Germany, the Terhills Resort was a large undertaking for all parties involved. Not only are the 250 cottages all unique in size and features, the premium holiday park was also built with sustainable initiatives at the forefront. The luxury retreat was fully designed by Dutch agency Zeelenberg Architecture and landscape architect Jean Henkens. A former mining and gravel quarrying site, the resort is built around a stunning natural lake pastured between the trees. © Terhills Resort by Center Parcs The 250 cottages are all unique in shape and size, each tilted in a slightly different direction to provide privacy for its guests. The buildings are made up of circ... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 29 août 2021

Child Care Center by Equipo de Arquitectura develops courtyard typology into a sensitive, introspective space for early childhood learning

The Child Care Center in Villeta, Paraguay by Equipo de Arquitectura is an introspective, inward-looking construction and an incubator of the very life that takes place there. On the outside, earth volumes hide and protect the interior. On the inside, quite the opposite occurs. Federico Cairoli The Center comprises 4 larges spaces: two classrooms, which are further subdivided into two classrooms each, a dining room and an administrative area. Each space opens directly to a central open courtyard, visually communicate with the environment, eliminating the concept of the classroom as a closed space. Federico Cairoli This central courtyard, which functions as the children's play area, is a focal point of the ensemble. It is a meeti... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sempergreen®Bureaux

Floating Office Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the largest floating office building in the world has been completed. Floating Office Rotterdam (FOR) has been designed by architectural firm Powerhouse Company, commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam, project developer RED Company, and the Global Center on Adaptation. This unique office is an inspiring example of today’s sustainable technological innovations and circular building opportunities, and will be part of a new floating park in the Rijnhaven port of Rotterdam for 5 to 10 years.    On the south-facing side of the pitched roof, solar panels have been added. On the north side, a 900 sqm. Sempergreen green roof has been installed. This green roof doesn’t only consist of Sed... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 9 juin 2021

Hanging House integrates country retreat with the local ecosystem

Elevated from the natural ground level, Hanging House by Casa Container Marilia is raised from the natural ground level of its site in the Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Surrounded by native trees, windows are at the level of the treetops and balconies blend in with the branches. The earth remains largely untouched, preserving drainage and root dynamics, which were not harmed due to the minimal use of concrete foundations.   Celso Mellani The concept is that of a country house integrated with the local ecosystem, placing sustainability and recyclability at the fore. A construction system of recycled maritime containers was thus adopted. In total 80% of materials used in the build come from recycled sources. Celso Mellani Common... En savoir plus

Projet • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersRural

Botha's Halte Primary School

Le projet impliquait la construction d’une nouvelle école primaire, remplaçant l’école agricole délabrée de Botha’s Halte, dans la vallée de la rivière Breede, pour le compte du Bosjes Trust. Bien qu'il s'agisse d'un projet financé par le secteur privé, l'école est gérée par le Western Cape Education Department. Les nouveaux bâtiments offrent une installation ultramoderne pour 250 élèves des écoles primaires rurales d'une communauté essentiellement agricole. Les bâtiments ont été conçus autour de principes de durabilité, tout en respectant le patrimoine culturel de la r&eac... En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux

IDEAL-Trade Service Brno

From outside... The gray envelope of the facade panels in the street, where there are mainly companies and car showrooms, fits in with the others. At first glance, however, it differs by its dark framed horizontal windows, which thus refer to the most famous, functionalist period of the city of Brno. With a little imagination, you can see the outlines of the famous Villa Savoy, an icon of the period. And thanks to these wide strip windows, there is enough light inside for all the offices in the administrative part of the building. The two-storey administrative building itself is supplemented to the rear by a production, development, and storage facility. An important element of the exterior, which is not visible from the street, at first... En savoir plus

Projet • By Curzio Ardinghi ArchitectureLogement

Living in the woods

The property is located right on the edge of the forest. The main challenge was to integrate the building into the existing natural surroundings creating an ideal connection to the woods. Therefore this project was inspired by nature. Despite its location close to the city, it is particularly influenced by the nearby forest.  The tranquillity, the green of the trees and the chirping of the birds are part of everyday life here. From the desire to convey a feeling of living in contact with the natural environment, the idea of the project is to create apartments and terraces that seem to float above the tree canopy. The apartments are all south-facing, each of them with thier own surrounding terrace, which provides plenty of privacy.... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 27 janv. 2021

Corten clad home designed with green space in mind

The contrast between corten steel cladding and exposed concrete highlights the sleek volumes of this Brazilian home by ES Arquitetura. Taking an ‘L-shape’ form in plan, the overlapping volumes result in a visual lightness and integration between the private upper floor and the more social ground floor areas.  SLA PhotoStudio Functionality, as well as thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, were important aspects throughout the design process. In particular, ensuring visual connections from the interior of the house to the green space that surrounds were key.   SLA PhotoStudio   All areas of the house feature large openings that allow in natural light and ventilation, even in the service areas of the hou... En savoir plus

Projet • By Moreno Farina StudioMaisons privées

The dream of Life

Starting from an agricultural ruin no longer recoverable, we have proposed the reconstruction of its original nucleus as a function of a completely renewed second life; for Clients, the result obtained corresponds to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream: to be able to live in the countryside with a sea view En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 4 nov. 2020

Sou Fujimoto revamps 300 years old Inn into a designer Hotel

After 300 years of business Shiroiya Inn closed its doors in 2008. Creatives from Japan have come together to revitalize the place located two hours driving north of Tokyo and create the Shiroiya Hotel, set to open its doors in December this year. © Shinya Kigure Sou Fujimoto was responsible for the overall design of the hotel consisting of two structures; The Heritage Tower and the Green Tower. The Heritage Tower, a renovation of the former Shiraiya Inn, houses 17 rooms, and the Green Tower houses 8 rooms covered in a green roof. © Katsumasa Tanaka © Katsumasa Tanaka © Shinya Kigure The hotel features a restaurant and a lounge that display a number of artworks like Leandro Erlich's Lighting Pi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Architectural Studio Ivana LukovicStations de pompage

Bespoke Petrol Station

The Journey The wild scenery of Attica, with its rocky hills and olive trees, on the way to the busy port of Lavrio, is the site of this " bespoke" Shell petrol station. Rejecting  the pre- fabricated images of Shell petrol stations chains, that are brought directly to a site, while ignoring its characteristics, was the original source of the idea for a custom-made space that allows the User to be an active participant with the surrounding nature. The building was conceived in such a way that time, porosity, movement, transparency and materiality were the starting points for spatial exploration. Time The journey engages time: a quick time of simple petrol filling, an intermediate that allows for using shower, shop and toilet facilit... En savoir plus

Projet • By HeliotropeMaisons privées

Lone Madrone Residence

Située sur un rivage rocheux, exposée au sud et balayée par le vent, cette maison de retraite de 1 600 pieds carrés se niche dans le paysage afin de s'harmoniser avec son environnement et de réduire au minimum l'exposition aux intempéries. Conçue avec des panneaux muraux rétractables pour se protéger des tempêtes hivernales, la maison s'ouvre néanmoins complètement sur l'extérieur lorsque le temps est clément, ce qui permet aux propriétaires d'interagir pleinement avec le paysage et la vue. Le site se situe à l'intérieur du Monument national des îles San Juan, avec des rivages et un environnement marin extrêmemen... En savoir plus

Projet • By eM4.Pracownia Architektury.BrataniecAuditoriums

Science Center in Podzamcze Checinskie, Poland

Idea.The Science Centre was established as a part of Regional Science-Technology Centre. Situated next to the Baroque Mansion overlooking the medieval castle and renaissance church took the shape sensitive to the surrounding spatial structure. Being the exposition place become an exposure object telling by itself about the landscape, geology and the nature of the region Form.The Science Centre was created on the site of the former mansion farm. His form containing big volume was integrated into requiring environment. The idea of oppeness had a decisive influence on the interior space, it manifested by the limitation of supports and strong connection with open spaceOppenness and élan of the space while easements of the context was ac... En savoir plus

Projet • By OV-AHôtels

Apart-hotel Svatý Vavřinec

The suite houses were built on the lot of a former store from the 80s. Four of the houses are located on the „meadow“ - a green roof above the shops in the parterre of the building. The space between the individual houses offers views of the far horizons of the mountain meadows. The atmosphere among these houses is intimate but neighbourly. The roof garden covers commercial spaces and garages.The mountain town and ski resort Pec pod Sněžkou originated from the earlier original buildings in the valley, that expanded toward the surrounding hills. Slowly, large tourist accommodation and hotels emerged. The core character of the area is shaped by the individually standing buildings along the main street that are in close contact with the surrou... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mono ArchitektenÉcoles primaires

After-School Care Centre Waldorf School

The grounds of the Waldorf School in Prenzlauer Berg possess a unique urban positioning between socialist prefabricated structures, Wilhelminian style blocks and the green spaces of the Jewish cemetery. The school building, having undergone a spirited renovation process, is a 5-storey prefab building from the 1970s.The after-school care centre and later extensions were designed in a completely different style. The new centre docks on the school’s courtyard stretching towards the sports hall, providing the schoolyard with a structural back to the street and a clear centre. The projections and recesses create different outdoor areas for various uses. The buildings received green roofs inclined in different directions and, with the rising eave... En savoir plus