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Projet • By Collaborative ArchitectureAppartements

Apartment By the Bay

This apartment was for a very young family of three in their twenties, at the time the project was designed. The dwelling is located in one of the most sought-after residential Builldings in the city with Panoramic view of the Cuff-Parade sea. The design reflects the client's refined tastes & out-going nature as young adults. Though very minimalist, the over-all design has been highly customized and personalized to suit the individual's personal spaces and idiosyncrasies of living. Manish Gala & Lalita Tharani Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By Jeffrey Beers InternationalRestaurants


La Central pays homage to a fundamental emblem of Puerto Rico’s history: “la caña de azúcar”, through the creative use of sugarcane & rum in its dishes. Chef Mario Pagán’s appetite for new techniques while staying true to Puerto Rico’s heritage proves that an upscale cuisine combined with fire are a timeless match worthy of your palate. With multiple seating areas, including an outdoor space with a bar, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air with drinks prepared by the finest mixologists. Straw-woven accents & industrial metal finishes accentuate the main dining room, lit by round chandeliers that evoke a brief reminiscence of the past- quickly brought back to life by the energy of the... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArtystryBureaux

map shore consultan

ARTYSTRY created a space that encourages collaboration and community at the MAP SHORE offices in CALICUT, KERALA. Well-designed spec suites need to deliver results. Every money spent needs to work hard and it takes a smart design studio to continually exceed customer objectives and secure tenants. justin Sebastian MAP SHORE called upon ARTYSTRY to design this 1000 sqft workspace at CALICUT, in the heart of city CALICUT’s, using their vast experience in the sector there were no window openings at space, so we are Maximizing artificial light throughout, justin Sebastian the space emphasizes community, collaboration and connectedness, from the contemporary reception to the open work space and breakout area. Greeted by a mod... En savoir plus

Projet • By Modaam ArchitectsMusées


This museum   intends to exhibit the rich historical heritage of Iranian medicine science and the capabilities of Iranian scientists of this field. These include the exhibition of Iranian herbs, historical medical objects, introducing the historical Iranian health and medicine specialists, and other related information and objects. Alireza Behpour Dating back to at least 2500 years, Persian Garden is an architectural concept, which has lived strongly within    Persian culture for ages. In a museum, which tends to exhibit the achievements of Iranian medicine science, using this concept through another language and expression is a logical option. Everything in the museum, even the design itself, is in service of presentin... En savoir plus

Produit • By ErmetikaPorte Echo Battante

Echo Swing Door

La Porte Echo Battante d'Ermetika est une porte affleurante avec un revêtement en stratifié, rehaussé par un profilé périphérique en aluminium disponible en plusieurs couleurs. La vaste gamme de finitions du bois augmente le degré de personnalisation des pièces, ce qui rend le produit adapté à tous les goûts et à tous les styles.  Le revêtement stratifié est disponible dans les finitions suivantes : Blanc, Frêne, Taupe, Orme gris, Noyer et Orme de montagne. Le profilé périphérique en aluminium anodisé est disponible dans les finitions suivantes : argent satiné, bronze foncé, blanc laqué... En savoir plus

Projet • By OPENBOOKBureaux

Miniclip office building

Located in the Taguspark - Knowledge City, in the Oeiras Valley, with an area of 4,000 sqm and a capacity for around 350 people, the Miniclip building stands out in the landscape for its design and sense of lightness, alluding to the ‘cloud’ and to the technology world that characterises this world-leading digital games company.Inside, the workplace design promotes creativity and social experiences, in an informal environment. emontenegro / architectural photography emontenegro / architectural photography emontenegro / architectural photography emontenegro / architectural photography emontenegro / architectural photography emontenegro / architectural photography emontenegro / architectural photog... En savoir plus

Projet • By samo architect studioAppartements

Pixel Residential building

Pixel, a five-story house with a different skyline ... As the home is the most basic starting point for man and his physical understanding of the world around him From the architect's point of view, seeing this design, a definition of a house should be made in mind In this case, the architect has designed the house according to the child's simple view of the word "house". Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By AT26 architectsBureaux

FX-IT office

FX-IT is a young and progressive IT company occupying fields of the market with the software, hardware, and also networking. The assignment was simple and clear: „Create a representative space for us that simultaneously has an informal atmosphere.“ On the other hand with a low budget, we set up these five main priorities:  Matej Hakár create a high standard working place with good acoustics and good light distribution ·         use a neutral color palette ·         use comfortable office mobiliar / furniture ·         divide the formal area, suitable for clients, from the working open space area ·       &... En savoir plus

Produit • By Sovet ItaliaArkos


From a careful aluminium die-casting arises the perfect synthesis between form and technology: Arkos. A collection of tables interpreting the different living styles in contemporary interiors. En savoir plus

Projet • By Dazhou And AssociatesMagasins

M Pavilion

M Pavilion is located in the lobby of an office building in Xuhui District, Shanghai, a coffee shop design commissioned by the Chinese famous coffee brand M Stand. In order not to disturb the daily operations of the building, we proposed two strategies at the beginning of the design process: a rapid construction and a light touch to the site. Then a delicate and decent scaffolding pavilion came into being. Fangfang Tian A Light Box  Be light. We hope to bring relaxation and joy to people in a rigorous working atmosphere through a light form. The heavy volume above is in sharp contrast with the slender structure components, and the translucent skin attracts people to walk in. Slightly cantilevered floor makes the light-filled box... En savoir plus

Projet • By SAAS InstrumentsHôtels

The Barö

In June 2021 the new archipelago hotel in Barösund, Inkoo opened its doors. Located one hours drive west of Helsinki this hotel is situated right at the sea and the 12 hotel rooms are all located in separate wooden houses for maximum privacy. The hotel complex is planned to fit the unique environment and to have minimal impact on it. Caption Saas has been involved in the project from the start and worked with the Barö team to create a special atmosphere both in the rooms and in the surrounding areas. The lighting in the project is very minimalistic and has been installed only where really needed. The rooms, restaurant and sauna all have large windows with sea- and forest views and so the main focus has been to emphasize thes... En savoir plus


Villa Petra

Villa Petra is the product of an ambitious renovation of a featureless building set on a sloping terrain in Carvoeiro, Algarve.  Since the existing structure couldn't be altered, the Studio designed new levels to harmonise the building with the site topography, creating movement and separating the day and night areas. Fernando Guerra On three levels, the house features a ground level entirely dedicated to the living area, perfect for hosting guests and having parties thanks to its connection with the outdoor swimming pool area, and upper and lower floors where the bedrooms are situated.  Fernando Guerra Fernando Guerra The house has been dressed in Macael white marble, wrapped in a garment of preciousness and dis... En savoir plus

Projet • By Cristina Felipe | Estudio CrearteLogement


If we have to choose a house full of good energy and calm, this is it. Its owner wanted to update it without losing the essence of her home. We work with noble materials and investigate all those that could be free of toxins. This search, accompanied by the pieces of furniture that tell their story, have resulted in a unique house full of light. Caption Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By ATG DesignMaisons privées

Bella Residence

Bella Residence is a home of a young family with two children. The interior design unfolds a romantic vision with a delicate luxury aesthetics. Soft color combinations blend in, and the floral wallpapers add warmth to the atmosphere of all spaces. Wallpapers could be found even in the bathrooms. Minko Minev Minko Minev Minko Minev The living room is dynamic and full of light. For extra coziness and comfort during the construction of the room, deserved attention is paid to the smallest details. The fresh pastel tones combine nicely with the earthy palette, and the golden elements contribute to the elegant feeling of luxury. Comfort is enhanced by the choice of Italian top brands in the field of furniture design. Minko Mi... En savoir plus

Projet • By ATG DesignAppartements

Emerald Residence

The interior design, marked by the dominant emerald colour in its name, is a home to a family of three. The green shade is one of the favourite colours of the owner and is a classy and pleasant accent, found everywhere in the home. Mihaela Draganova The design of Emerald Residence combines custom design solutions that meet specific tasks in the space and answer the wishes of the owners. The elegant finish is the silver lining of the project, this is the strong presence of the bronze metals. They are also a counterpoint to the otherwise cold emerald, complementing it with a warm note. Zahari Merdzhanov It is important for the family that the common space is well lit, spacious and that everyone has their own spot in it. At the sam... En savoir plus