How It’s Made: The Exhibit

Archello’s ‘How it’s Made‘ exhibition showcases cutting edge innovations behind inspiring architecture projects. The popular exhibit travels all over the word connecting with popular A+D events.

The Products through Projects

At the How It’s Made Exhibit each product sample is shown alongside a reference project in which you can see how it can be applied in a project. Inspire your potential specifier for their next project by allowing them to touch your product sample and immediately see how your product looks in a finished building.

The exhibit comes from Archello’s insightful How It’s Made online segment, where architects can discover multiple stories, from the architect to the manufacturer, about the same project. At the How It’s Made Exhibit visitors get the chance to see these stories in real life.

Travel the World

As soon as you are part of the How It’s Made collection, carefully curated by the Archello team and consultant Jim Salazar, you can travel along with the exhibit to the best architecture and design events around the globe. Recently the exhibit was part of the ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto and The World Design Summit Montreal.

Next Stop

A’18 AIA Conference on Architecture 2018. June 21-23, New York City.

Archello is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to be one of the main show features with our ‘How It’s Made’ material innovation show. The topic for the exhibit will be ‘Materials that Matter’. The overall theme for A18 is ‘Blueprint for Better Cities’.

Our Previous Editions

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