Top 10 Trending Kitchen Countertops

Top 10 Trending Kitchen Countertops

9 dic 2021 Specifiche

A top-notch counter can elevate a kitchen, adding energetic color or superb materiality. Every day architects share their material and interior selections on Archello and through their knowledge sharing our database of specifications is growing rapidly. In this week’s theme article, we take a look at kitchen countertops. These are the designs that were most often specified by architects and designers in the past year. These are ten of our most popular options. 


Ogee House by Bradley Van Der Straeten - © French & Tye

1. Silestone by Cosentino

Installed in millions of homes in over 100 countries, Silestone is popular, durable, and versatile. It is resistant to stains, acids, and scratches. Dozens of colors include Iconic Black and White, marble and stone options, and other earthy hues. Textures for all can be one of three — Pulido glossy, Suede matte, and the rougher Volcano. The surfacing works for kitchen islands with formats up to 3250x1590 mm. Carrying a 25-year warranty, sinks can be easily integrated into the countertops. 



Canal House by The Ranch Mine - © Roehner + Ryan

2. Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton surfacing is available in dozens of options including gold-veined and grey-veined marble as well as industrial and concrete versions. An industrial collection mimics worn cement and acid-degraded steel. Whether pure white or charcoal, the ultracompact surface is stain, sunlight, and scratch resistant. It can be installed without cuts or joints and works for outdoor kitchens and barbecues. The new Trilium option, inspired by volcanic stones, is made from up to 80% recycled materials.   



Victoria Residence by Naturehumaine - © Adrien Williams

3. 1141 Pure White by Caesarstone

Caesarstone’s popular 1141 Pure White has all the convenience and properties of the manufacturer’s solid surfacing in a timeless hue. This countertop is resistant to scratches and staining as well as being extremely durable and easy to clean. Backed by a lifetime warranty for residential interior projects, Caesarstone quartz surfaces are durable and long-lasting. 



House of Sand by Fran Silvestre Architects - © Diego Opazo

4. Krion® Solid Surface by Porcelanosa

Krion solid surfacing is made from two-thirds natural minerals, and it is both highly durable and warm to the touch. Sections can be thermoformed to create curves, and seamless sections can be made to ease maintenance. The material is available in dozens of colors — from soft pastels to vibrant hues — as well as terrazzo and marble offerings. These countertops work in residential, commercial, hotel, and government spaces. 



Macon Street Passive House by Co Adaptive Architecture - © Peter Dressel Photography

5. 2141 Blizzard by Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a leader in solid surfacing countertops, with light, dark, stone, and marble versions. The popular 2141 Blizzard has a white base with tiny grey grains for a bit of warmth. Caesarstone quartz surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water and are durable and resistant to scratches. For residential indoor spaces, the company offers a lifetime warranty. 




Haus W by Firm Architekten - © Adolf Bereuter

6. Satin Finish by Lapitec
The Satin countertop has a matte finish — and a soft touch that is almost like silk. It can be specified in dozens of options, from a bright Bianco to a darker Antracite. There are also versions that resemble veined marble and smooth cement. It is made from 100% natural minerals without resin, and the material is tolerant of high temperatures and resistant to stains and sunlight. These countertops can be used in sustainable projects and are also appropriate for schools and healthcare facilities. Slabs are available in 12, 20, and 30 mm thicknesses. 



House Z22 by Gus Wüstemann Architects - © Bruno Helbling

7. Concrete kitchens by Dade Design

For those who want a heavier look in the kitchen, this concrete countertop is a good option. Dade design is the leading manufacturer of concrete countertops. The Swiss-made high-performance material has a surface coating that will protect against staining for up to 12 hours of exposure. Seamlessly produced for a length of up to 5 meters, this countertop is actually lighter than marble or granite. 


Little House by Mwworks - © Andrew Pogue Photography

8. Corian® Design DuPont by Corian® Design
Corian Design brings DuPont’s experience with solid surfacing to markets around the world. These countertops are available in range of options, from one that resembles peppered leather to another that looks like slate. There are also lush hues, marbled golden offerings, and wood-like versions. The countertops are easy to clean and stain-resistant. Corian sinks can be integrated for a seamless look in a kitchen.  



A room of spaces by Miliunarquitectura | Carles Marcos - © José Hevia

9. Calacatta by Neolith by TheSize

Inspired by Calacatta marble slabs, this Neolith countertop is a composite made from minerals, quartz, and natural pigments. The veining — greyish with notes of gold — is uniform throughout the countertop. It’s waterproof, resistant to scratches, and does not fade in sunlight. Slabs can either have a mirrored effect or, if turned 180 degrees, a continuous and endless veining pattern.



California Meadow House by Olson Kundig - © Matthew Millman

10. Richlite Black Diamond by Richlite

A durable option that is also more environmentally friendly. This countertop is made from Richlite, a resin-infused paper that was developed seven decades ago for industrial use. It adds warmth to a space, while being as easy to work with as wood. It’s stain resistant, although things like raw meat or red wine might leave a mark if left for extraordinarily long periods of time. 

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