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Calcestruzzo e cemento, Concrete

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Visible concrete is part of the language of modern architecture and, with Aplomb; Foscarini presents a revolutionary model that uses this material with a completely innovative spirit and technology.

It performs an exceptional leap in scale, from large-scale architecture to a small suspension light for interiors that translates into an extremely elegant, simple product with a simple formality, inspired by a material that has always been linked to the world of construction. This is what also inspires its name: Aplomb, a plumb-bob traditionally used by masons. However, in French aplomb also means ‘self-possessed, confident’, like this lamp that distances itself from aseptic minimalism with all the material richness of concrete.

Combining the need to obtain extremely reduced dimensions and thickness, detailed finishes and smooth surfaces with the characteristic viscosity and lack of flexibility of concrete was the greatest challenge in developing Aplomb. The result was achieved thanks to the use of a special amalgam, which is particularly fluid in the mould and produces a surface that appears rough, but which is gentle to the touch, refined by a layer of transparent finish.

The lamp has a light design, with the characteristic shape of an upside-down funnel, which mitigates the massive solidity of concrete but exalts its material aspect, which is unique.

Aplomb creates precise, direct lighting, ideal for tables, peninsulas or counters, alone or in composition. It comes in three colour finishes that highlight its personality and meet different styles: from the classic grey of rough concrete, which gives depth to volumes, to elegant white or warm, intense brown. These are colours that are particularly suitable – by assonance or contrast – for all environments, whether in the home or contract sectors.

Aplomb is the archetype of simple and concrete design for Foscarini.


Hanging lamp

Material: concrete diffuser


grey, white or brown diffuser; black or white vertical rod


Ø 16.5 cm

H. 35.5 cm

Max. H 200 cm

Bulb: halogen 1x60W G9

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