Flexi Container
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Flexi Container

Flexi Container is a series of cabinets that can be used alone or in combination; they are available lacquered or veneered, with leaf and flap doors, drawers and open partitions and are suitable for the living area, the sleeping area and the office. Elements allow both freestanding, on adjustable feet or metal base, and hanging compositions. Composable elements can have the inside in macroter lacquer or in melamine desert color and the top both of 0.50 and 0.75 inches thick; compositions offered already complete have the inside in melamine desert color only; their tops are available only 0.50 inches thick. The entire range is available in two depths, 17.75 inches and 23.50 inches (hanging elements 11.75 inches and 17.75 inches only) and can be completed by several kinds of handles.

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