02.04-BTX-Casa Bitxo

02.04-BTX-Casa Bitxo

Lagula Arquitectes
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02.04-BTX-Casa Bitxo

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The Bitxo House is the unpredictable result of a predictable and restrictive legislation: start conditions, such as the ceramic materials or the sloped roof, are set by the legislator to restrain any new architecture, not to break the existing tradition. 

The Bitxo House is a research on using those constraints to create a new way of living the house: standing on the gentle hills of the granitic Pyrenean landscape, a hundred kilometres north of Barcelona, the house is conceived as a promenade architectural through it.


The owners, Xavier and Queralt, both of them musicians, acquired a plot to fill the stave of life with their music, over time, without rush. In contact with the ground, the lines of the stave get broken, absorbing the trace of an old path and setting a diagonal on the site. This line serves then to structure a hierarchic process, adding elements and building sequences: an expressive concrete structure organizes all spaces and it is completed afterwards with a brick lattice, white rendered interior walls and free-standing bodies lined with colourful glazed ceramic. A single slope roof unifies all spaces and elements beneath, shaping the heights of space with a single movement, but characterizing the more public or private rooms beneath.

Material Used:

1. Colour Glazed Ceramic Tiles (10x30cm) By Cumella

2. Continuous Pavement (Silicats/Magnesium)

3. Aluminium Works Serralleria Del Berguedà

4. Carpentry Joan Gendrau

5. Estructuresmuvi

Crediti Progetto
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto

Colour Glazed Ceramic Tiles (10x30cm) Ceramica Cumella
CarpentryJoan Gendrau
Aluminium Works Serralleria del Bergueda
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto
Colour Glazed Ceramic Tiles (10x30cm)
Aluminium Works