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AQUA samui

VIJIT-PISADA come Architetti

Start of AQUA samui Villa Project. Samui Prestige Properties a professional vacation home property development company. Want to do a quality vacation home project.


AQUA samui Villa consists of a living room, a dining room, an infinity edge pool, a pool terrace, a multipurpose terrace, BBQ., 3 large rooms And also want the building to be a distinctive icon Create pride and brand identity.


Project location Located on one of the best plots of land on high mountains. One of the superb sea views in Koh Samui. Land size, project area over 1 Acres with quality environment around the project.


The architect team has designed a solution to meet the context of the surrounding, in line with the needs of the market. And designed the building into a distinctive icon Create a sense of pride for the residents and brand identity including the surrounding area.


AQUA samui Villa is designed to be tropical - modern architecture. Unique identity with the Waterfall Villas LINK with The Nature Waterfall Near Site and Touch The Sea In harmony with the surrounding nature All rooms have the ultimate sea view of Samui. Allowing residents to enjoy the usable space of the villa and superb sea views Simultaneously harmoniously.


Project Name:                             AQUA samui

Architecture Firm:                    V I J I T – P I S A D A  &  STEM design co.,ltd

Gross Built Area:                       500 sq.m.

Project location:                        Koh Samui, Surathani, Thailand

Lead Architects:                         Trakarnsak Sricharoen


Additional Credits

Clients:                                     Samui Prestige Properties co.,ltd

Engineering:                          V I J I T – P I S A D A  &  STEM design co.,ltd

Landscape:                             V I J I T – P I S A D A  &  STEM design co.,ltd

Interior                                    V I J I T – P I S A D A  &  STEM design co.,ltd

Consultants:                           Natat@STEM design co.,ltd

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