Beatrice Apartment

Beatrice Apartment

Roman Plyus
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Beatrice Apartment

Roman Plyus come Architetti

Beatrice apartment has a very interesting location, almost in the middle between two rivers: the Hudson and the East river. This led us to the idea of being inspired by the water element and became the main leitmotif of the project. The art installation above the dining table reminds us of a flock of fish. The polished metal and its wavy shapes refract light and give beautiful reflections throughout the apartment, as if it were the surface of water. The wall with a wavy line with led lighting was quite complex in the design and casting of real concrete, so we cut a metal groove where we placed the led light (its color can be changed according to the mood) and sheathed the wall with drywall, and the lower part was covered with decorative plaster with the texture of concrete. At some point, the wavy line is transformed to a line with right angles, becoming more metaphorical.


But it still performs its function and all the time it leads us somewhere, moving like water in the Hudson river in one direction or the other. I carefully scattered these motifs throughout the apartment, which creates a sense of a single and complete space. In the sleeping area, it was possible to place a bed hidden from direct view, in case one of the owners wants to relax when guests are at home. It was also possible to place two working places, a large wardrobe and a small sitting area with a legendary chair designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld where the owner can always enjoy his favorite book.


The customer really wanted to see yellow in their interior, so we made the entire corridor yellow. This technique allowed us to satisfy the customer's wishes and not to overwork the mind by bright colors, since the corridor is not the place where a person is for a long time. The rest of the interior is also connected by yellow color accents. In the corridor, you can see a reproduction of one of the works of the stunning artist Oleksandra Ekster, one of the customer's favorite artist.

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