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Anno Progetto


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The Project has been developed and completed for 5 months during 2019. The main idea of the design is to show the natural colours and materials throe the colours of the company together with the mountain hut feeling - something like collaboration between the nature and working environment.
The office is separated in 5 main areas - reception area, working open space, formal meeting rooms and spaces, informal meeting areas and relax spaces. Each area and room represent the values of the company and their "bright" ideas how the working process shall be done in one sunny and cozy atmosphere.
The white concrete exposed ceiling and floor height of 340cm, glass doors with height of 300cm and light white frames are making the office spacious and unites all of the spaces in one living organism. Together with the “hut” meeting spaces, wooden beams as lighting fixtures and other mountain elements are helping to create one unique office space where the Bright Consulting employees could create with passion and freedom. 
Bright Consulting new home has been designed as a space to feel at home, work with joy, connect freely with like-minded people and make an impact. 

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