New's Landmark in Nakhon Ratchasima: Carnavalet

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Carnavalet: Inspiration of Food
Designed by THstudio Architects

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Carnavalet is a restaurant on the new extended urban area named CITY LINK. The city link is in term of urban sprawl where is set up a new business district in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. The restaurant was decided to invest in this area where highly compete and owners believe that distinctive architecture can promote and support their business to success. We all believe in architectural design can create a new landmark in the city to remember, moreover architecture is branding of CARNAVALET: INSPIRATION OF FOOD at the same time.


Form of architecture is inspired by a ‘WINE CORK’ because wine is selected drink to collect in the restaurant from around the world. Wine is international and unique drink that people know. Therefore, form of the wine cork is representative of a wine character- an iconic form.  

The building envelope is related to color of the wine cork. The texture surface is covered by cedar wood that makes a natural sensation for the exotic restaurant appearance. Exteriority is under its half circle canopy, a cozy area is created which is complemented by a spacious terrace with the green area and interactive with the round shape which creates an outdoor atmosphere from its landscape.

Interiority of the ‘cork’ contains the high ceiling space which creates a special atmosphere for dining time. The wide glass panels of the windows keep link visually between inside and outdoor terrace. Curved glazed window allows panorama view into architecture and merges the exteriority and interiority which are subjective relation into a totality. Customers can get different experiences when surroundings is changed into celebrations around the year. Moreover, the interior space feature is the tunnel built by the local black stone that open up to the space outside. The interior is fitted with contemporary rustic design, including leather chairs and black stone tables. Earth tone color and a white circle ceiling reflect daylight into the space, helping to create a contented atmosphere.


A simple, and pure form of architecture opens to intentional character like a WINE CORK. It is the basic form which is noticeable for remembering and becoming a new sense of attraction in the city. It is a new restaurant is created in a spatial interaction with a pushed in highly space volume, in which the service facilities are accommodated.

The material is an important part of perception and represent to identity of the architecture in its context. The form and material of architecture encourage people to think about relation between the function and from. The simple idea of using materials is to express the fact of the materials that is an important part of making a difference to attract attention in urban context.


Few focus points of the building should be a part of business success, and becomes a new landmark for people can remember. The CARNAVALET design is a kind of the communicative stance of architectural practice in this context.

Under restriction of construction budget while degree of competition is really high, therefore, expecting in architecture is high as well. It is an important condition that we must deal with and create the building to meet the expectation. Such condition and limitation become creative solutions in architecture design.

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