Carriage of Señorlobo

Carriage of Señorlobo

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Anno Progetto
Imagen Subliminal - Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero, Gabriel Tineo + Álvaros Lagos

Carriage of Señorlobo

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Carriage of the Madrid Council, parade of the Three Kings, Madrid

The carriage of Señorlobo makes its way through the streets. It guides the Three Kings with the help of the attending public, to celebrate their arrival to the city of Madrid on such a special day.

Señorlobo floats through the city on a structure of thin rings of coloured lights. Its top is crowned by a technical space that houses the sound equipment, various lights and a smoke machine. Behind the rings, at the bottom, are the subwoofers. The assembly is supported on a towed platform and forms a sort of disco on wheels that carries the party and builds up the festive atmosphere before the highlight of the parade.

The carriage of Señorlobo interacts with the public, which has small mirrors to reflect the light from the carriage and guide the Three Kings as they twinkle.

The volume of this carriage is reminiscent of kids’ cartoons. The carriage forms an optical device that plays with the citizens’ perception and encourages them to interact with it so that everybody builds the event together. The size and height of the carriage are established by studying the viewing conditions in the streets. The top part is narrower so that it can be seen by as many children as possible. Furthermore, its volume is set in relation with the urban scale.