Center for Ecoefficient Materials and Technologies (ECOMAT)

Center for Ecoefficient Materials and Technologies (ECOMAT)

Brullet - de Luna Arquitectes


Huber Staudt Architekten
Bremen, Alemania, Germany
Anno Progetto

Center for Ecoefficient Materials and Technologies (ECOMAT)

Brullet - de Luna Arquitectes come Architetti

Concept The new ' Center for Ecoefficient Materials & Technologies' (ECOMAT) is a urban block, clear and modest, of the new Bremen’s airport city. The program of the building includes two large nave-laboratories, some smaller laboratories and a relevant number of offices, as well as a bar and common services area.

With a fingers distribution, laboratories are organized in the first two floors and offices are in the two higher. The two large nave-laboratories (that requires a large height) are inside the finger plan structure. In order to get the wide bay needed, offices area are putted on the large nave-laboratories as you can see in the transversal section. Two large courtyards bring light and ventilation to building interior.

Main access is done throw a generous square that creates a direct relation with general administration building at the end of Airbus Avenue. The linear structure of the complex is ideal to facilitate future enlargements and connections with docking zone near the motorway. Façade are resolved using alucobond prismatic salts that will confer a technical, immaterial and floating aspect to the building.

Crediti Progetto