Chabahar Industrial Factory

Chabahar Industrial Factory

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Project's name: Chabahar Factory
Principal Architect: Moein Nikaeen
Architect in charge: Nava kholosi ,Nima ghanei
Design team: Parsa Batebi, Bita Rezaee
Client: Private
Construction consultant: Reza Shaverdi
Special Thanks To Our Partners: Behnam Dalili & Farid Behtash


The Chabahar Industrial Factory project, located in Chabahar industrial town, started its process from the basic study phase. At first, the client’s order was to design a series of service and residential spaces for the industrial sheds. But upon entering the site of the project, we realized that the shed structure was ready for installation in the factory and unfortunately, it was not possible to be changed it.


After much study on the subject of the factory and the complex site it faced, it was decided that the subject of “between two sheds” would be the basic concept of the design. Therefore, considering the general construction rules of factories and the previous studies on the site, different permutations were examined and after this process, the project reached a geometric location. The residential and service spaces of the factory turned the industrial scale of the project into a human scale among the sheds by acting like a living being. Towards these decisions, open and semi-open spaces were activated to breathe between the two sheds and begin their bio-industrial activities in a bio-industrial context. As a result of this form-finding process, the project’s section was transformed according to its design plan. With this strategy, the human-industry duality represents itself in a contemporary way.

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