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Ketsiree Wongwan

Layers of adaptation

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Originate from the fascination of agriculture, the owner who owns an agriculture field on a vast land in Suan Phueng (a Thailand scenery town) intends to bring the farming products and farming lifestyle from the farm to the urbanites. Therefore, the first phase of “Coro project” was located on the front area of the same plot with the farm to be the prototype of farming lifestyle and the Coro products display. Due to the long-term strategy, the project extension is soon to be continued to strengthen the Coro ambition with more activities, products and experiments.

This first development of the Coro project is a place for both plant and human with the design for the capability of supporting different activities responding to different circumstances. The certain dimension of 1.50m, the proper distance of farming, defines a grid system, which connects each building layers from the open space to the enclosed. Structure, skin, services, space plan, and stuff are supporting each other to define different spaces. Moveable surfaces define different enclosure. Modular furniture system defines different planning. Electrical outlets on the grid structure supply different activities and different adjustments.

Consequently, the relationship of these layers generates the space’s resilience in order to encourage the creativity and diversity.

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