Partida Madrigueres Nord, 25, Dènia, Spain
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The construction of this building, was requested by MARINA SALUD S.A. with the objective to define the building of the new Hospital of Denia. The intervention is located on a plot of land of 72,000 m2 on the outskirts of the town of Denia, on the road that connects Ondara and Denia. The new hospital building is located strategically and has been designed with 3 parallel block with two levels in height. The buildings lay on an "L" shape block, which contains the hospitalization units, creating a building, where the court orders and qualifies the whole space.

The project and the construction have taken into account some basic architectural principles, for a efficient hospital function and developing a building in a plot of land that has excellent natural characteristics, where fruit trees specially orange trees dominate the landscape.

The first important factor is the plot’s orientation: the building has been orientated so that all the rooms dedicated to the patient and public can have good natural lighting.

In order to guarantee natural light and heat during the winter time, different patios have been opened so that the sun rays can enter during all hours of the day. This has created a favourable environment for the workers, for the patient and for the public who spend several hours at the hospital.

The light factor and the patios have been carefully studied to control sunlight: despite light being an important quality factor, it is also necessary to protect ourselves from the sun rays during the hottest hours of the day. This is why wooden orientable brise-soleils filter sun light and are installed in zones where the building is most exposed to the rays specially patient rooms.

With these external protections, a high degree of privacy is guaranteed. Moreover, the rooms look for maximum respect and comfort for the patients. The rooms are individual and the double ones have an internal division in the middle of the room between the two beds. The paediatrics unit has special decorations for the children. The psychiatric unit has a terrace and special rooms to protect the patients. The general implantation of the new building has taken into account the green vegetation; trees have been respected and at the same time a landscape project has been integrated with the building and the natural surroundings. The trees and the proximity to the sea will give a natural freshness during the summertime and lovely views onto the landscape. The views have been focused onto the Natural Park of Montgo.

The main material used in the construction of the new hospital is reinforced concrete that because of its high tectonic value the structure and the façade coincide. Since the beginning of the projects development, the concrete building has given life to a more dynamic and interesting construction. The building façades have been exactly finished with only one phase of work. The white concrete has highlighted this tectonic value, in accordance with the Mediterranean landscape of the zone where it`s located.

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