Echo House

Echo House

Sergey Makhno Architects
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Echo House

Sergey Makhno Architects come Architetti

A conceptual private house is a gesture of immaculate minimalism. It strikes for its spaciousness, brutal character and extraterrestrial atmosphere. Despite the residence is surrounded by a wooden environment of Ukrainian forests, the architects used no wood for building’s bones. The house shows the perfection of only three materials – concrete, weathering steel and glass.

The concrete and steel create a sense of privacy, providing a strong visual framing for the glass. A beautiful blend of materials allows reaching ideal volumes. ‘The house is about right geometry. No chaos, just a strict minimalism,’ say architects.

The Echo is conceptualized as distinct units. It’s the house with three houses in – a family dwelling, a guesthouse and a place for servants. The open terrace on a concrete base serves as a gathering space.

The name ‘Echo’ expresses connections with the past – a mini sawmill that existed in place of the house. The architects have preserved the character of industrial building. As a result, we have not a typical home exterior, but a bold private dwelling in a factory shell.

Because of the weathering steel prevalent on its surface, the Echo House resembles a red planet. It’s Mars on the Earth. With rocks, a giant artificial pool and Japanese garden instead of canyons, dry lakes and craters.

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