Esplanade Project
Robert Hamer

Esplanade Project

Vibe Design Group come Designer

It was a challenge for Vibe Design Group to provide a home with a commanding street presence that maximised the attainable views, whilst at the same time respecting the neighbouring homes and their outlook. Elegantly meeting the challenge, Vibe Design Group have created a home that enhances the streetscape.

The expansive home features a symmetrical floor plan and can be conveniently reconfigured as one expansive home with six bedrooms, or two apartment-style spaces, each with three bedrooms.

This is a home designed for entertaining. Acting as the commonplace for both wings of the home is the foyer on the lower level, as well as the large deck that graces the upper level.

Traditional beach house materials have been used in a contemporary application. The striking shapes of the structure take on a nautical theme, with the building often likened to a moored boat. The weatherboards juxtapose the compressed sheet cladding and stainless steel battens that incase the lower storey.

Spotted gum flooring was used on the project, with a neutral colour palette adopted for internal finishes, including glass splashbacks in lieu of wall tiles to the bathroom.

Vibe Design Group endeavored to bring a feeling of luxury to the entire residence without the reliance on any single element. The combination of unique design elements make this a luxurious home.

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