Ford Country Américas

Simpleyfácil come Produttori

This project juxtaposes two totally different design concepts that are integrated into an ambitious unfinished project that will culminate in the erection of an apartment tower within an investment plan established by the property's owners.

The original façade follows the architectural guidelines established by Ford for its dealerships throughout Mexico based on the installation of a composite aluminum panel in a natural or silver finish that Simpleyfácil installed with Alucoflex brand inputs.

photo_credit Rosendo De la Torre
Rosendo De la Torre

Combination of shapes and textures

In contrast, we find a very original façade in its design that repeats a pattern made up of flat and projected shapes that intersperse gray with silver tones.

The combination of smooth and perforated textures with air spaces generates a particular dynamism in this façade where the volumes offer us a changing perception depending on the perspective from which we appreciate it.

The position of the profiles correlates with the unfinished vertical construction development, inviting us to compose in our imagination the final result that this project will have.

photo_credit Rosendo De la Torre
Rosendo De la Torre

Aeration in machine room

At the back of the building, the design of the façade is repeated to give the same architectural value to the property, fulfilling the objective of hiding the service and parking areas occupied by the concessionaire on the first two floors.

On one side we will find an air conditioning area hidden by our Easyflow model in sublimated walnut wood finish. This product was specified to meet especially the needs and requirements for the proper functioning of air conditioning equipment.

photo_credit Rosendo De la Torre
Rosendo De la Torre
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Plana 78, Easywall, Easyflow, Plafón lineal Serie V, Plafón lineal Plana
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto
Plana 78, Easywall, Easyflow, Plafón lineal Serie V, Plafón lineal Plana per Simpleyfácil
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