Habitaco Coracao

Habitaco Coracao

Caldeira Figueiredo Architects
Esposende, Portugal
Alloggi Privati
Caldeira Figueiredo Architects

Cardio House

Caldeira Figueiredo Architects come Architetti

This proposal for a single-family residence reveals on a partial analysis, the prior attention to the topographical and landscape contours. The spatial arrangement of the building seeks morphological unification with the natural surroundings and dilute a dense housing program with the virtues of the south and west direction and its consequential solar gains. The land slope is used to divide the parcel into two levels, one with more public characteristics and other more private. To this public/private split of the parcels, associated with a similar separation of the program into two modules, defines the respective social functions. The design of these two bands is characterized by curved lines both in plan and in section. A more transparent central element is inserted in the middle of these two volumes, serving as an access to the house and as connection between both volumes. At the lowest level, inserted into the underside of the entry volume and between the two bodies, a swimming pool unfolds.

The morphological division aims to clarify the social functions of domestic spaces and avoid the excessive presence of the construction with the help of the ledge and the use of middle floors as a subterfuge. The two modules, similar in its undulating forms and in their rough material look, open more at the lowest level and are more airtight in upper area, facing the public road. The transparent space of the entry is presented as an immaterial bridge, almost floating between these two volumes/ground levels over the pool.

The aiming of the landscape to mimic the construction attributing characteristics of mineral pre existence, determined the extent and fragmentation of various domestic areas as a height control subterfuge. The housing is developed on one floor, deforming itself in half floors (ascending half floor/descending half floor). An upper floor only appears on a minor portion, spatially treated as a hidden attic to accommodate two rooms for sporadically present family members, being this a space that can be detached from the everyday life of the other proposed domestic rooms.

This essay was to be denominated "Cardio-house" justifying a more conceptual vision, which would claim the overlap between the work premises in its physical context already mentioned, and complemented by a projectual attempt to materialize or to decode spatially the emotional universe created for this specific client.

Notwithstanding the domestic complexity which would add to the methodological equation, but taking as a starting point the order made by an hard working cardiologists couple, whom in decompressing leisure moments share a very close relationship with the aquatic world, a conceptual process was triggered that would indelibly constrain the fluid design of the listed volumes which resemble a typical auricle/ventricle, left/right, natural symmetry/asymmetry partitioning, as an comprehensible unconscious universe of the client, emphasized by the constant pulse and infinite reflection of the plane and interstitial water room , as an aorta, which projects the aquatic space linking it to the surrounding vegetation, looking to make an anatomical/geomorphic whole.

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