Honeyful Cafe

Honeyful Cafe

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Honeyful Cafe

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Honeyful Cafe is owned by a passionate connoisseur of bees and honey products. 

The architecture aims to reflect on her journey and create a visual space that will be remembered when you visit her cafe. The exterior is inspired by Nordic Scandinavian metal clad facade and roofs.

The highlight of the Cafe is the iconic glass beehive space grounded in the landscape of the Cafe. In the interior, this area is accentuated with by lowering the space in the room and creating a common area for Honeyful's guests. 

The details on the interior continue Honeyful's visual branding with interlocking wood and hexagonal tiled floor, a rounded glass around existing palm tree, and a hanging wall bench that smoothly becomes the table in the common area.

Photos by Rungkit Charoenwat

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