Hotel Oderberger

Hotel Oderberger

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From a humble public swimming bath to an exclusive 4-star hotel

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Hotel Oderberger is located in the historic Stadtbad Oderberger Straße, a building designed in 1898 by architect Ludwig Hoffmann in the Neo-Renaissance style, and that served as a public swimming bath in the 19th century. In addition to the 20-metre swimming pool, which is open to the public and hotel guests, the hotel offers 70 rooms, 2 apartments, a bar, a restaurant and an excellent location in Berlin's quiet Prenzlauer Berg district.


This historic spa in Berlin has undergone major renovations to preserve and protect the original appearance of the building. Work began in 2012 and lasted four years, until it reopened as a hotel in January 2016.

Built in the Neo-Renaissance style, Prenzlauer Berg's public bath opened its doors for the first time in 1902. Residents of the Oderberger area came to this place mainly to devote themselves to personal hygiene since there were no toilets in the condominiums of the time. The building had many cabins with showers or bathtubs, and anyone who wanted to could use the large pool. As the years went by, the popular public bath lost its main function and was finally closed in 1986 due to large subsidence and cracks in the floor.

Since the preservation of the historical elements was the main subject of the renovation work, the 100 characteristic doors of the shower and bath cabins were also completely restored and reused. This was made possible by choice of ECLISSE sliding door counter-frames. Thanks to these solutions, the specialists at Restoration Werkstätten Berlin GmbH were able to masterfully recover the doors of the historic cabins. The door panels were placed in a wooden frame and closed by two sheets of glass, supported by thin brass profiles. Presented in this way, the old doors give a unique effect in hotel rooms with modern design.

Another decisive factor in the choice of ECLISSE sliding doors was the fact that

they disappear completely into the counter-frame mounted in the wall. Each sliding door thus saves space - a decisive argument for the economically efficient operation of a hotel.

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