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The client, an impressive and dignified woman who lives her life in the city of Paris.We were given an exposed concrete cube, without any partitions, but with a lot of potential and lots of Mediterranean views on the one hand and an urban landscape on the other.


The client's desire was to create a vacation apartment for herself for the summer period when she arrives in Tel Aviv. And for the rest of the time, when she is not in the country, rent the apartment as a vacation apartment for short periods.


The penthouse apartment is 90 sqm and has balconies with a total area of ​​100 sqm. We divided the central space in such a way that the living room, kitchen, balcony and the view - are one. The master bedroom was designed as a glass cube open to the rest of the public space and thus enjoys openness and light from all directions as well as a planning sequence, where the eye is not blocked by partitions, so you can experience the panoramic view the apartment offers, from any direction and at any time. For privacy and to soften the strong light coming from all the windows around, we added two layers of curtains, opaque and decorative, just like in a hotel suite. The apartment has two more guest rooms, and two fully equipped bathrooms.


In order to maintain the open feeling on the one hand, but also to maintain a high level of usability and practice, we have integrated a lot of storage inside the walls, the doors of which are in the plain and the color of the wall. For example, a wall full of cabinets deep enough to hold a washer and dryer, a pantry of food, utensils and shoe closet, cleaning supplies and coats for guests. On the other side of the hallway, we created storage for the client's international tea collection.


In the living room we created a modular storage library made of iron and wood combined by two different professionals to a perfect result. The design had to take into account secret storage for mail and keys, a piano by a specific model that the client plays, a screen and a collection of vintage books from Paris.


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