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The client’s initial intention for their coastal property in Blairgowrie, on the Mornington Peninsula, was to develop a ‘traditional beach house style’ home. Following research into the town planning zoning and overlays, and review of the site levels, we recommended to the clients that the site would be better suited to a contemporary styled design, to which they conclusively agreed. The brief for the home was to accommodate their young family with three children and frequently visiting guests, as well as a 25m-lap swimming pool. As avid entertainers, the clients requested a billiard room and bar, and for living spaces to flow onto outdoor entertaining areas.

The site fell approximately 8m from the rear of the block to the street boundary and offered spectacular views to the Northeast. Some loss of privacy was possible from the habitable room windows and entertaining areas of the adjoining residence to the Southwest on the lower part of the site. Following a thorough site analysis, we decided to set the main living areas and bedroom wing, to be frequented by the family, on the higher, Southwestern side of the block, at the investigated level for maximum appreciation of the views. On this same level we introduced the billiard room and bar, separated from the main living area with a common powder room.

The fully serviced bar is complete with trap door to the cellar below. Upon opening the bi-fold doors, the main living area and billiard room flow seamlessly onto the generous outdoor entertaining area with lap pool elevated to this same floor level. An extreme line is created as the home reaches out to the coastal surroundings in parallel with the lap pool. The considered placement of the pool, with negative edge, offers the dual purpose of directing one’s eye to the views beyond, and protecting the privacy of both the home’s occupants and the private open space of the adjoining properties to the North East, by controlling the line of sight. Conscious of not being too elevated on the ridgeline, the overhanging rooflines step-down in unison with the natural fall of the land. Eave lines are specifically calculated using projected sun-angles for maximum penetration of sunlight in winter, and complete protection in summer.

This, combined with the featured highlight louvre windows to capture cooling Southwesterly winds, creates a comfortable thermal environment within the home all year round, with little need for mechanical heating and cooling. As the home steps down the block to comply with imposed rescode and council height restrictions, the office/guest bedroom and gym are located on a slightly lower level with common ensuite. From a seated position, the inhabitant’s eye is at the same level as the swimming pool, and views are directed over the pool’s negative edge to the bay and coastal landscape beyond. Accommodated directly beneath, and accessible via an internal flight of stairs, is the double garage, with generous storage space, and wine cellar. Given the land is cut through this lower storey area and retained with walls of thermal mass, the wine is stored at an optimum temperature. On approaching the property, visitors are greeted by an imposing sandstone pillar and a 4m cantilever on the lap pool before arriving at the entry gate. On admission, a journey begins up the deck stairs flanked by the swimming pool to the Northeast and building to the Southwest, before arriving at the collaboration and orchestration of cantilevered roofs.

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