Kreston A&CE Headquarters

Kreston A&CE Headquarters

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Lukas Pelech
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto

ElementoMarchioProduct Name
Acoustic SolutionsLIKO-S
Door handlesM&T
Metal claddingDuroDesign
Glass partitionsMILT
Carpets Mohawk Group

Scheda Tecnica Prodotto
Door handles
Metal cladding
per Hormen
Glass partitions
per MILT

Kreston A&CE Headquarters

KOGAA come Architetti

Kreston A&CE Group commissioned KOGAA studio to create an interior proposal for their new headquarters, with over 600 sq/mt of space, 60 workspaces and a 300 sq/mt terrace.


The new workspace of the worldwide leaders in the field of law auditing is located on the top floor of a previous park house, recently transformed into multi-functional building facility, standing out in Brno’s skyline. The striking view above the city is clearly the distinctive feature of this space, and naturally became the main driving element for the designing of the workspaces.


Based on a thorough study of the company’s working system, the offices layout was liquified and fragmented in order to improve internal mechanisms and work-flow. One of the main challenges of the space was to maintain the natural illumination and openness qualities of the offices, while fulfilling the company’s need for client’s privacy and high levels of acoustic insulation. The space is now featuring floor to ceiling double glass partitions, alternating wooden storage wall systems which create a balance between a stimulating opened environment and the feeling of intimacy. All furniture and storage units were chosen with the goal of avoiding messy corners and visible cabling.


The overall industrial style that the architecture firm focused on is emphasized by the use of wood, untreated concrete walls and metalwork as main materials for the new headquarters.

KOGAA inserted a metal cage into the space. Occupying this structure is a lounge seating area, kitchenette, cloakroom, bathrooms and storage. The working area is surrounding the core and segmented by  glass and full partition walls.


Throughout the main entry hallway are shared kitchen and dining space, a standing informal open meeting space, an enclosed formal large meeting room, a small informal area for brainstorming and quick meetings. Entering the office space, one is invited in by a linear reception desk behind which are standing two small glazed meeting rooms, facing the inner core and viewing all surrounding working stations. The terrace design is due for the upcoming summer season and will feature an outdoor BBQ zone, various meeting and relaxation spaces and a garden.


Material Used :

1. DURO design – metal cladding
2. MILT - glass partitions 
3.  M&T - door handles
4. Rendl – light fixtures
5. Liko-s - acoustic solutions
6. Mohawk flooring - carpets 

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