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K.Tle&K.Bum’s House

KhunTle and Khun Bum’s house, this steelstructure house hasa two-storey. It locates at WarinChamrap district, UbonRatchathani province, Thailand which already exists the former house, it has a wide front and limited area. The house’s position is in the narrow alley in city center. The main for designing this house is the 3-bedroom house thathouse’s owner wants the area and space which is open and airy.

Focus on furniture placement for telling various positions and corners of the house’s function. To ensure continuity of space inside the house which is a problem in this design therefore we chose steel building structure to make it smaller so it can open the space to be more revealed.

For the area inside the house in the central hall, we have to create a connecting space of the ground floor and the floorabove by opening a double space to allow this house with ventilation and the light shines well inside the house.

To make the overall in the building looks clear, so we chose to use white as the color for the main theme design and we want contrastit with wood grain to make the house looks warmer.

The roof is another design that is so important for modern home tropical climate. By using a gable roof to drain well and an area under the roof is open and high for the better ventilation.It is another appearance of a gable roof that makes the house looks a simple and more distinctive.

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