Laico Showroom

Laico Showroom

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Laico Showroom Process

Admun Studio come Shobeir Mousavi, Amirreza Fazel, Mehdi Kolahi

Laico is a brand containing multiple sub-brands with various products, hence to design Laico central store, each group of products need various stands with different forms. The store is giant and hard to perceive. Numerous columns, irregular layout, illegibility of the space makes the user confused through the space.

Client: I cannot see where the space ends. I want my every product to be seen.

A Pan-optic space with appropriate zoning and transparency to satisfy all the differences.

-How could diversity be illustrated by the means of integrity?

-A peaceful space with a variety of products, not adding complexity to complexity, a perceivable space for the user.

-Around which center can the layout become integrated?

-What is the contemporary vision of the product and the customer?

-How does the user experience the space?

-How can a brand from past be usable for today and the future?

The strategy of the design team while getting help from a circular form is creating a modular flexible pattern through the layout. Elevations of the stands are reflected in the layout. All that will be added to the space is going to be in white color. The whole irregular layout of the space is prepared to address all the presumptions. A white vivid spot in the center, the convergent floor pattern together with the ceiling pattern attracts the user into the project.

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Shobeir Mousavi, Amirreza Fazel, Mehdi Kolahi
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