Masseria Serra del Fico
Enrico Caminoli

Masseria Serra del Fico

Studio Caminoli Coppola come Architetti

The masseria is small in size compared to many others in Salento, even though in this area called “del Capo" they are generally smaller than those in the Brindisi area. The main volume was intact toward the east, while on the opposite side it was completely collapsed. The ancient volume was reconstructed with old recovered tuffs and each room was rebuilt by a local master (Mesciu Toto) with star-vaulted and barrel-vaulted ceilings.


All the parts interested by the expansion works were built with the same construction technique. In both cases a reinforced concrete structure was inserted within the masonries in order to improve the seismicity of the building. The masseria has a coat of arms dated 1769, but some parts of the foundations seem to belong to an earlier period.

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Wall lamp
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