Mobile addition of office space

Mobile addition of office space

Philipp Architekten
Heilbronn, Germany
Anno Progetto

Mobile addition of office space

Philipp Architekten come Architetti

The brief was to develop an innovative concept of modular buildings for the digital agency and creative consultancy LINGNER.COM, which is based in the listed Villa Mertz in Heilbronn.

In a first step a mobile office-box called ‘Werk1’ was developed. The addition to the heritage villa creates a unique contrast between contemporary and historical architecture, at the same time it maintains perfect balance and visual harmony. The mobile extension serves as an additional work space and think tank. It stands out with its black color and modern modular design on the exterior and whereas the interior with its rustic workshop character. At the same time, the extension returns the building to its structural origins back in 1811 by closing a gap left over from the reconstruction period following the Second World War.

Extending such a beautiful property like Villa Mertz was a special challenge: on the one hand with respect to the overall historical image, which must remain coherent, and on the other due to the necessity of obtaining municipal approval.

Inside, the seating and workplaces in the new space are deliberately designed for flexible use: as a think tank, a meeting room or even a retreat. Floor, ceiling, walls, tables and every other piece of furniture in the room is made of OSB panels, a very simple, but genuine material. One enters a very calm room whose impact is based on the spatial qualities alone, like sculpture crafted from a single material.

The addition of office space has been drafted in a concept of temporary buildings, which understands the world of work as a habitat with different zones and areas:

1. SILENT.BOX, which like a nest in the trees serves as a retreat. This is the next project in line for development. 2. COMBI.BOX, which can be transformed into a ‘Summer Office’ thanks to the swiveling whiteboard. 3. WORK.AREA, which reflects the surrounding nature and provides for concentrated work inside. 4. COWORKING.SPACE, that makes the campus visible to the outside and at the same time releases the views of the adjacent Neckar from the inside.

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