Mrs. B Salon

Roar (formerly Pallavi Dean Interiors) come Architetti

Pallavi Dean Interiors created an androgynous design concept for Mrs B Salon infusing feminine glamour with hints of masculinity. “Mrs B Salon is not about being ‘pretty’ but embraces both masculine and feminine char-acteristics of beauty. It’s designed for a wom¬an that is confident, someone who is on a same level playing field with a man. She can wear trainers or suit and still feel beautiful.”The furniture within the space was careful¬ly selected to reflect this concept and the ele¬ments of bold masculinity are unmistakable: The Belmont Takara chairs tradition¬ally used in Barber shops (“Perfect for feminine face treatments,” says Pallavi).


The design of the styling stations, complete with a leather belt strap The architectural elements like the double height screen door and the smoked glass balustrade Yet, the femininity shines through in the soft wood tones, delicate marble and flattering lighting. Put unique design language aside, the real ge¬nius in this project is its clever response to a thor¬oughly challenging brief: that of creating seg¬regated areas for different functions - like Hair wash, Styling, Manicure, Spa, Pedicure, Makeup, reception + waiting, Staff pantry and storage - all within a very tight space constraint of just 64sqm.


Material Used :
1. Belmont Takara - Chairs
2. Elitist - Wallpaper
3. Al Alarka Group Contracting – Glass, Mirror, Moisture Resistant Wood for Screens and doors
4. Kvadrat – Pleated Fabric
5. Flaminia – Counter Sink

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Counter SinkCeramica Flaminia
Pleated FabricKvadrat
ChairsTakara Belmont
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto
Counter Sink
Pleated Fabric
per Kvadrat
Courtyard House in Austria
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Courtyard House in Austria

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Vorarlberg, Austria - Edificio completato in 2020
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