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Philipp Architekten

Villa in Hessen, Germany

Philipp Architekten come Architetti

This complex and fascinating puzzle of different cubes evolves on a sloping clearing in the forest near Frankfurt, Germany. The basic idea of the design uses the sightlines of two old trees standing on the property and benefits, apart from the general views of the surrounding nature, also from the skyline of Frankfurt.

Along these lines of sight, cubes of different proportion are piled up around the central core of the staircase. With a height of nine metres throughout the entire building, this “heart of the house” serves as an exhibition space for the client’s alternating artwork, exposed through a skylight.

The two-storey housing cube, stretching into the sky, contains a 6-meter library wall and an equally high window that provides a view of the old oak. It seems like a framed, living work of art.

The garden level, containing the private rooms of the family, seems to be firmly anchored with nature by the single-storey wing. Thanks to the reluctance of the materials used, the generous windows and the most diverse lines of sight on the old trees, the Villa reinvents itself over the seasons.