Orama Relais - Geometrie Nel Paesaggio

Orama Relais - Geometrie Nel Paesaggio

Flore & Venezia
Ostuni, BR, Italy | View Map
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Ph. Claudio Palma

Orama Relais - Geometrie Nel Paesaggio

Flore & Venezia come Architetti

Confronting a territory so strongly characterized by ancient olive trees is an exciting challenge. Having the possibility to realize a work of architecture replacing two houses that disfigured the landscape is even more exciting. Orama relais is pure geometry of shapes and volumes evocative of historical buildings, all the themes of the architecture of the masse rie pugliesi are reworked both in the plans and in the elevations of this contemporary work.

The relationship between the interior and the surrounding landscape acts as a guide to the hand of the architect, the attention to lighting, ventilation, water c ollection, the use of renewable sources make this intervention an example of contemporary bioclimatic architecture.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Lime plaster
2. Flooring: Chianche indoor and outdoor
3. Joinery: Wood doors, cabinets and furniture complements - Falegnameria Custodero Alberto Montalbano di Fasano (Br)
4. Windows: Aluminum Tempest Infissi di Camarda Quirico Cisternino (BR)

5. Interior lighting:
Tufo Applique - Progetto Arte snc Matera (MT)
Elastic Mesh - Falkland Bruno Munari, 1964 Danese Milano
Bronze - TITTY Febo Light

6. Interior furniture:
Resin - bathroom coverings and sinks Pierino Prezioso & C. snc - Cisternino (BR)
Wood and steel - chairs and n ightstands Officine Tamborrino - Ostuni (BR)
Beds - Flexteam Sommier

Crediti Progetto
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto

Interior lightingFebo
Chairs and nightstandsOfficine Tamborrino
Interior lightingProgetto Arte
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto
Interior lighting
TITTY per Febo
Chairs and nightstands
Interior lighting
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