Palazzo Aporti, Milan

ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel come Architetti

Visibility, accessibility, creation of functions open to the public. This architectural project is of strategic importance for the new identity that Milan is assuming through the renewal of fragments of history like this one. The intervention enhances and reinforces the building’s monumental character in the spirit of spectacularization of the urban landscape – an inevitable passage in creating new energies for the city.


The project, besides making optimal use of internal and external spaces, calls for the creation of a new skyline for the entire complex; the rich volumetric articulation of the historic building and its forceful spatial configuration form the starting point for the idea of an architectural project that would make both the real volume and the virtual volume visible and tangible. A clean, simple, autonomous project, but also one that is capable of establishing a dialogue with and emphasizing the architectural lines and principles of the existing historic building.


Through the geometric precision of the added profiles and the steel web that covers it, the new volume of the project is defined in a clear, contemporary manner, becoming a suspended and light technological element over the original eaves of the building.


The inner courtyard, cleaned up and with many features added over the course of time removed, is positioned on the same level as the mezzanine, corresponding to the space on Piazza Luigi di Savoia. From this commercial space the internal courtyard, organized as a garden, will be visible and accessible. On the perimeter, a pedestrian walkway protected by a canopy sets aside a sheltered space for connection between the blocks.


The design of the outdoor areas is based on the various functional, aesthetic and usage needs that have spaces inside the complex. The courtyard created inside the complex can be compared to the typical courtyards of Milan, an internal space of quiet and shade, but also a place of passage and movement. An attempt has been made to re-create and underline the elegance and sobriety of the elevations that surround it, generating an almost metaphysical space marked by a few trees in decisive spots, a small lawn and a slender portico. A few clear elements, on a surface of stone and wood, an abstract design that becomes landscape when seen from the upper levels.

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