Pipeline Installation

Pipeline Installation

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Pipeline Installation

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PIPELINE is a reconfigurable ultralight pneumatic structure created by DOSIS as a nomadic architecture that instantly activates the territory. Its first use took place in Paris in February 2020to house the KENZO FW-20 show. Today it inhabits the world allowing distinctuses in scattered places.


On the morning of February 26, 2020, Felipe Baptista Oliveira presented his first autumn winter collection as creative director of KENZO in the V district of Paris. In the same place where the Romans once settled, René Descartes alternated thoughts of geometry and philosophy, Pierre and Marie Curie strolled while discussing their point of view on radioactivity, or the Situationists practiced la derive, two young Spanish architects, Isabel Collado and Ignacio Peydro, made sure during the last week of February 2020 that the itinerant and instantaneous architecture they had created worked properly for the event that was being produced by Bureau Betak for Kenzo.


Places remain and time flows. Maybe not. Isabel and Ignacio have long been determined to make instant cities, inspired by those imagined by Peter Cook for Archigram. Cities that flow through space-time, moving where society needs them. Before even finishing the degree, at the same university that Peter Cook himself directed, they imagined facades that flew and moved through the city detached from the building that once held them.


Since then, time has passed, but their interest in making architecture focus on life, on events, and not on style, is the constant that defines their work. "Architecture is about life, everything else is circumstantial" - they passionately affirm.


If the KENZO autumn winter 2020 collection is a collection inspired by nomadism and travel, in the richness of transit, the architecture that welcomes it is essentially nomadic. PIPELINE is a living structure that practices the situationistderive, moving around the world without a pre-established destination. It also shares the transformable quality with the KENZO FW20 collection. As in previous DOSIS works - the studio founded by Isabel Collado and Ignacio Peydro in 2006 - the structure they have created is reconfigurable and transformable. It dynamically adapts to every situation and every location. It is a living structure that transmutes depending on the conditions of the ecosystem that hosts it.Last February Paris saw the birth of the latest pneumatic creation of DOSIS, now the world is a latent space, to receive it instantly in an indeterminate time.



There are people who seem concerned to see that PIPELINE is made of plastic. We would like to say the following: all modern buildings have a plastic membrane that surrounds them: waterproofing. When building with air, PIPELINE is completely materialized through this waterproofing and the air that fills it. There is no need forsteel or aluminium bars whose production requires huge amounts of energy, and whose weight also produces a CO2 footprint when transported. PIPELINE needs low quantities of energy for fabrication, transport, and operation.


Please think of a nomadic building that weighs less and has a smaller carbon footprint than an air supported building. If you find it, please tell us.Additionally, PIPELINE has been created to be reused. Many times. Once the end of its useful life as a building arrives, the intention is to reuse it to create objects that do not have the technical requirements of a pneumatic structure, such as umbrellas, raincoats, or bags, and the remaining material will be recycled in specialized plants. We know that it is necessary to be responsible with the use of plastic, we love our planet, just like you. This is why we are committed to positively impact the world through our work.

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