Redwood Nanko DC1 KLUBB area

Redwood Nanko DC1 KLUBB area

Takato Tamagami
Suminoe Ward, Osaka, Japan | View Map
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Koji Yamazaki

Redwood Nanko DC1 "KLÜBB" area

Takato Tamagami come Architetti

As we enter the era of same-day delivery, placed orders are now directly conveyed to nearby distribution centers, allowing for immediate shipments. As distribution economics grow more efficient, the need for an organized yet relaxed working environment enclosed within the depositories has increased. Pioneering some of the largest rental logistic facilities in the past, our client wanted to create a new space with a focus on human-centric design, crafting the space to meet the needs of the working staff; offering amenities like a nursery, a shop, and a lounge.As the appointed architect for this project, my idea was to provide a sequence of communal spaces alongside the entrance in order to seamlessly incorporate a way where different facilities of the distribution center can come together to support the individuals using the space.

Replacing the distinctive mechanical landscape, where cargos rise, accumulate, and get transported out, the basis of my design was to create an atmosphere that was familiar, sensitive, and more attuned to human scale.

The façades employ an array of different sized blocks spaced between indented windows, creating a visual collage that shields its inhabitants from the incoming harsh weather from the harbor. The entrance hall, however, is illuminated by light that shines vividly through the deeply set opening, giving prominence to the container-like boxes that hang from the ceiling. The space under the suspended boxes accommodates functions including a waiting area, a shop, and nursery with low ceiling heights between 2.1m to 2.4m. In contrast to the 5-meter floor-to-ceiling height of the hall, the lower ceiling height embodies an ambience fit for its designated purpose.

The suspended lounge penetrates into the main structure, functioning as a nexus, linking the distribution center to the boats that come and go out of the harbor. The floors of the lounge are elevated incrementally as you step further away from the open-air terrace with deep eaves as to maintain an unadulterated view of the boats anywhere you are. The sofas that are installed on the most upraised area in the lounge are partitioned off with columns and beams in order to offer privacy and some sense of freedom from disturbances.

Inside the shared workspace, the design incorporates hidden nooks of solitary space that workers can enjoy. Amidst an expansive structure where large quantities of sizable cargos circulate, it was vital to include spaces that were of human scale to meet the comfort of the working staff and visitors. I hope that the people who occupy this space are offered realms of peace and quiet during their day to enjoy.

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