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One Shearwater Drive, sits comfortably into it’s coastal lookout in Mt Martha on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula. An elemental palette of materials and finishes that will weather well provides a stylish and hardy skin to the luxury within. 

On approach, the house hunkers down into its surrounds, ably aided by Vibe’s landscaping of the site. Visitors are greeted by a totemic rectangular form clad in black Alucobond. It has function as a garage, but could just as easily be an abstract sculpture, a geometric outcrop on the coastal terrain. This welcome is indicative of a deliberately ambiguous, understated entry.

As you proceed, you pass a work sculpted in steel by Australian artist Russell Petherbridge. 

Onward, and in through an entry that is more

pivoting wall than front door, hinting at the generous scale within. The interior is a series of volumes connected to decking platforms over two levels, all oriented to the expansive views of Port Phillip Bay,

and collected around a central double-height void.

The sea facing elevation is every bit a contemporary coastal villa. The forms and materials are evocative

of the modern movement; refined geometry, elegant, wide proportions. The levels of decking terrace gently down to meet the ground. From the front, an exercise in modest, minimal chic. 

It is a fundamental sense of style and proportion that ties these two faces together into one cohesive, and completely local building.

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