Storyline Cafe

Storyline Cafe

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Storyline Cafe

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The coffee shop that doesn’t solely serve coffee but can simultaneously be provided as the multi-purpose space. Besides, it must also be able to serve as the meeting point which allows people to relax while doing their work ”

Here are the requirements of the owner of the office agency in Bangkok who demands for the coffee and food shop that combines with the co-working space. The owner aims to turn the meeting room into “Storyline Café”, the coffee shop with the concept of “eat talk and work”.

This coffee shop was once a part of the office in which the owner has turned the first floor and some parts of the second floor into the coffee shop. Moreover, the customers are provided with the outdoor space with the roof in case of the unexpected weather. The first floor of the coffee shop, includes the coffee bar, the food counter and the customers’ area, has been designed as an open space, while the second floor is divided into 2 sections; the co-working space and the private office.

This coffee shop was built with the intention to retain the former structure of the building and all the old glass boards have also been preserved. Furthermore, the natural materials have been selected in order to convey the feeling of “realism” when they are gazed or touched.

“Storyline Café” employs natural light during the day; while at night, this place can grant the feeling of beverage bar. Thus, the customers are ordinarily served with both coffee and other types of beverage. Consequently, the visitations at the different times of the day can provide the customers with dissimilar feelings.

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