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Synchrotron, Thailand is planning to build its ‘second’ Synchrotron Light Source

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New Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand

The key Concepts of Design

Make tomorrow better is the vision of Synchrotron, Thailand. The vision is applied into the key concept. Synchrotron is the scientific innovation of human being and tomorrow is interpreted as the future of human being.

The concept of the design is "better future mate” of living and innovation. Living and innovation of human being relate to technology/nature/ culture/local/ global. Such dimensions make tomorrow better supported by science.

Zoning for future mate

The programs are grouped by ten major buildings with the circular synchrotron building is in the center. The ten major buildings originally are organized along the main axis, allowing the buildings to connect with their surroundings, access, and existing buildings. They are mate together.

Master Plan

From simple line of normal master plan becomes as a wave line from synchrotron wavelength as the new master plan of synchrotron, Thailand. The new master plan design is linked the key buildings to keep within the site. For expected, functional and flexible reasons all buildings are grouped and connected together. The wave line creates connection among the buildings which more natural and unique than the simple line.

Landscape of Dynamic landscape / more natural

A dynamic landscape of the wave space is expressed to the vision of management in term of environment friendly not only science. The roofscape allows visitors and staffs to be in the best atmosphere. Programs are underneath roof garden; the building programs are distributed. In reasonable way according to the image expectation, the function requirements, the site surroundings are connected. The wave line creates for flow circulation.

The building image

The wave line is the key concept design of form and space of the buildings. The wave line creates the new unique image of synchrotron, Thailand. The wave line creates the in-between space of the buildings which interfaces of the buildings become friendlier image, and functional expectation of the project. Friendly and natural image result in open, fluid with the green environment.

Façade of local/global identity

The façade design is created by the local pattern of basketwork. The pattern is applied into the buildings’ façade that are enveloped and formed interior spaces at the same time. The façade can differentiate synchrotron Thailand from others.

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