The Base Uptown

The Base Uptown

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Wison Tungthunya

The Base Uptown

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Phuket island, an island in the south of Thailand, full of history and diversity of life style. From the bustling city life, rich with cultural heritage of agricultural and mining background showing the abundance of nature, to the fun touristic spots, through to the cool, easy going people surrounded by sea, sand, sun onan island.

Out of all these abstract perceptions, we select the unique elements which reflect being “Phuket” and combine them into our design inspiration.

From the image of mining scenery, we develop the concept of panoramic mountainous landscape with layers of contour forming continuous lines, integrating the architecture and landscape spaces together, with some areas that open up into courtyards at different levels. Each level is designed to have curving line that splits out into various paths to accentuate different layers of contour and also to create dynamic movement of space. The minerals from the mines were transformed into glittering gem sculptures blending with the landscape naturally, like hidden treasures, waiting for the new explorer to wander around and discover with pleasant surprise.

The overall color scheme of the project is of soft, warm, natural colors. Adding a touch of bright elements from the ocean, sky, sandy beach, and tree leaves, to make accent colors giving the liveliness to the space. The shape of the coconut leaves was simplified and transformed into floor and ceiling design patterns.

All these design elements are to be reinterpreted and developed further, simplifying and evolving into a residential sanctuary for the new generation working group, who seek and treasure new design language of the living habitat.

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